Navigating Super Bowl Parties During Addiction Recovery

photo of a soccer stadium

On Sunday, February 5th, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will be facing off in the NFL Super Bowl 51.

Like many other Americans, you’re probably anticipating watching this event – billed as one of the most prolific sports events of the year. But, if you’re just starting a new sober lifestyle, it’s important to plan ahead – especially if you are going to attend a party to watch the event with your friends or coworkers.

While everyone has their own way of celebrating the big game, beer and liquor are often present. That’s why it’s important to be careful on Super Bowl Sunday to protect your hard-earned sobriety.

4 Sober Strategies for Super Bowl Sunday

(1) Consider your addiction triggers. As part of the addiction recovery process, you likely identified some of the triggers that induce cravings. Is food one of them? If salty snacks and greasy food played a big role during your drug dependency days, consider bringing lighter fare to the party. That way, you can still enjoy the celebration and have some healthy snacks nearby.

(2) Host your own sober event. One way to avoid distractions is to create your own safe environment. Invite a few of our friends over who are also in recovery. That way, you can all focus on the game without feeling overwhelmed by the presence of drugs or alcohol.

(3) Talk to your sobriety coach. If you’re starting to feel anxious about staying sober, talk to your addiction therapist, sobriety coach or sober mentor. Chances are, they’ve experienced those same emotions before and can give you advice based on their experience.

(4) Keep an eye on your non-alcoholic beverage and grab it yourself. If you’re in recovery, it’s safer to be in charge of what you’re drinking. Don’t leave your drink unattended – even if you’re just leaving the room for a moment. That way you don’t run the risk of someone spiking your drink to see you “loosen up” or (sadly) think it would be funny. If you do happen to leave your non-alcoholic drink unattended, just throw it away and get a new one to err on the safe side.

Life Skills Training at 10 Acre Ranch

While you can’t complete avoid addiction triggers, with a little coaching and preparation, you can navigate social situations more safely during recovery. Attending 10 Acre Ranch’s residential treatment program not only gives the men an excellent chance at rehabilitation, but also teaches them the skills needed to integrate themselves back into their families, society, and the workplace. By completing a series of recovery assignments, individuals can learn how to maintain their hard-earned sobriety. To learn more, call: 877-228-4679.