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OxyContin Addiction Treatment

Signs, Withdrawal Symptoms & Facts

Leave OxyContin Addiction Behind You

Prior to Purdue’s introduction of OxyContin in 1996, physicians were unwilling to prescribe an opiate drug to all but patients who were gravely ill or dying because of the high danger of addiction. However, Purdue Pharma got FDA approval in 1996 to bring to market an extremely potent opiate based drug called OxyContin. Then, the drug was aggressively marketed as a medication breakthrough which could provide 12-hour pain relief with one dose. The pretext was that OxyContin was ‘safe to prescribe’ to people who had a severe injury or extreme pain.

Now it is over 20 years later and we are experiencing a national health crisis that is widespread and severe. Millions of people have become addicted to narcotics through experimentation with (or even the prescribed use of) drugs like OxyContin. Almost every family knows someone who has gone from a common injury such as a broken bone or sprained muscle to full blown opiate addiction. Many thousands of these victims have died of an overdose or had their lives utterly ruined as a result of the drug addiction. Many tens of thousands of active abusers are still out there struggling with the daily cycle of addiction to opioids. Their entire lives revolve around locating and taking an opiate drug to avoid withdrawal.

Get the Best Treatment for OxyContin Addiction in California

Chances are if you are visiting this page you or somebody you love is one of the millions of individuals who have come under the sway of this dangerous drug. 10 Acre Ranch is widely regarded as a leading recovery program for men who are seeking to build a strong foundation of lifelong recovery. If you or somebody you know suffers from addiction to OxyContin or another opioid drug, we encourage you to seek help immediately.

Our treatment program provides a holistic approach to addressing the chemical dependency. Our dedicated staff of physicians, therapists, and other treatment support professionals have decades of combined experience in helping men recover from addiction. We understand that successful treatment heals the spirit, body, and mind.

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Our treatment facilities are situated in restful settings where people can benefit from the beauty and peace of their surroundings as they begin to heal. After going through primary withdrawal under a physician’s care, we offer our clients:

You will have the healing benefit of a community of people who have been through the same harrowing ordeal that you are going through, and have chosen to get help. This community is one of the most beneficial aspects of recovery. You are likely to form the kind of lasting friendships common among soldiers who have served in combat units and survived together. You will help each other to go forward in your battle to reclaim your lives, one day at a time.

Thanks to OxyContin We Have an Opioid Epidemic in America

Over the past two decades, addiction to opioid drugs such as heroin and oxycodone has rapidly moved from the margins of our national culture to mainstream society. Victims of the current opioid epidemic include:

Children & teens

Elderly people

School teachers

Working professionals



Working professionals



Working Class People


Doctors & healthcare professionals

People who would never dream of using an illegal drug have been sucked into opioid addiction after being prescribed or experimenting with OxyContin for a routine injury or relatively common medical condition. OxyContin has claimed millions of victims from all walks of life and demographics.

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How Does OxyContin Addiction Happen?

Let’s use a typical example: Tyler is a high school student who is a high-achiever with a bright future. Tyler suffers a back injury playing football. His doctor prescribes OxyContin to manage the pain. Tyler is supposed to take one pill every 12 hours, but the pain medication wears off after seven hours and he finds he’s in excruciating pain again; he also feels nauseated and has a runny nose and cold sweats. He takes an extra pill to get relief and runs out of his prescription early. When he goes back to his doctor, the doctor prescribes a stronger dose. This strong dose of OxyContin causes him to experience a feeling of euphoric well-being that is instantly habit forming.

Now Tyler wants to feel this way all the time. Eventually, the euphoric feeling isn’t there anymore as his body grows accustomed to the drug. He finds himself seeking out another doctor to get more pills. If he runs out of the pills he will begin to feel sick. What he doesn’t realize is that this sickness is opiate withdrawals – just like heroin addicts experience.

By the time Tyler puts two and two together, he’s been using OxyContin for months and is getting the drug from two different doctors, one of whom isn’t covered by his parent’s insurance. He decides to cut his expenses by scoring counterfeit pills or heroin on the street. Tyler doesn’t care about football anymore and avoids his family and the things that he once enjoyed. His life goals have been narrowed to one thing: avoiding withdrawal and achieving that sense of euphoric well-being again.

How to Stop Abusing OxyContin for Good

If you have become dependent on an opioid drug you will feel the following symptoms when the effects of the drug wear off:

Withdrawal symptoms grow progressively worse after 24 hours, including:

For most people who are physically dependent or addicted to opioids, continued drug use is motivated by the overwhelming urge to experience the feeling of euphoria the drug causes again and to avoid the pain of withdrawal. Remaining opioid free is a lifelong challenge once you’ve become addicted, but with the help of a treatment program, many find that life in recovery is more rewarding and joyful than they ever imagined. Those who seek professional help greatly enhance their chance of successfully recovering from addiction to an opioid drug such as OxyContin.

Get the Help You Need

LA Times Investigation of Purdue Pharmaceuticals

According to an ongoing in-depth investigation by The Los Angeles Times, Purdue Pharma knew, even prior to marketing the drug for wide public consumption, that OxyContin wears off sooner than 12 hours for some people. The Times report states that Purdue pressured doctors to prescribe higher doses for those situations, rather than more frequent doses.

Purdue is invested in standing behind their claim that the drug provides 12-hour pain relief. A stronger dose of an opioid drug increases the danger that the patient will become addicted.

Find Recovery from Opioid Addiction at 10 Acre Ranch in Riverside, California

10 Acre Ranch offers comprehensive residential treatment for addiction. We are fully licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services to offer a full spectrum of recovery support. For patients addicted to OxyContin or another opioid, we will arrange a detoxification that will be fully monitored by our licensed medical staff. Admission to our program or detox unit must be approved by the program director on a case-by-case basis.

You don’t have to stay in the soul-crushing cycle of OxyContin dependence any longer. Give yourself the best recovery foundation available at 10 Acre Ranch. To find out more about our addiction treatment services for yourself or somebody you love fill out our confidential contact form or call 877-228-4679 now.