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Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab Program

We Accept You & Your Pets at 10 Acre Ranch.

Companionship with your pet can help you get through periods of anxiety, stress, and depression

These are typical concerns that individuals in their early stages of recovery are faced with. It is hard to be angry or dejected when you have pet is affectionately wagging its tail and licking your face. Even for life threatening illnesses such as heart disease, medical experts often recommend the patients to keep the company of their pet, which could help them recuperate well and improve their physical and mental state of being.

The decision to get your admitted to a rehab facility can be psychologically and emotionally draining. Several types of roadblocks may deter you from seeking this courageous path to try and get rid of your struggling situation and find an opportunity to re-start a healthy and sober life. Our rehab center that is 100% pet friendly, and is ready to extend a warm welcome to you and your pet, can make your decision and your process to enter rehab much easier. Once you have entered, the constant companionship.

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What to Expect at a Pet-Friendly Rehab in Southern California

While entering addiction treatment can be one of the best decisions a person can make for their life, beginning treatment may be daunting or bring about feelings of fear or uncertainty. Having a pet by your side can make addiction treatment easier to bear during the initial phase of treatment, when individuals may be uncomfortable. A pet’s presence can also make a person more at ease throughout the entire treatment process, making them more receptive to healing and growth.

Pet-friendly rehab centers allow individuals to bring their pets with them for addiction treatment, affording them the benefits of having their pet by their side as they achieve recovery goals.

After Completing Treatment

After completing 30 days of treatment, residents may be permitted to leave the premises with a loved one for up to eight hours at a time. Passes are provided at the discretion of the counselor and are designated for local family, only. As a matter of safety, passes are not granted to out-of-state clients who do not have local family available.

After 60 days of addiction treatment, 10 Acre Ranch residents may be approved for weekend passes. Authorization for passes is dependent upon a resident’s behavior, motivation level, and overall attitude

Bring Your Pet to Rehab & Recover Together

10 Acre Ranch is an affordable, reputable Southern California rehab providing addiction treatment for men & women over the age of 17. To tour our facility or inquire about family, group, or individual counseling approaches, call or connect online today.

Inquiries are confidential, and our team is honored to partner with clients and their families on the journey to long-term sobriety.