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Drug & Alcohol Detox in Riverside

Quit Abusing Drugs & Alcohol for Good With The Help Of Our Detox Program in Riverside, CA

Our Detox Program

While on the telephone with one of our intake specialists, the client will be evaluated to assess if detoxification services will be needed before beginning treatment. These services are provided to the client and his family at an additional charge.

Detoxification is under the supervision of a medical doctor and monitoring is provided by a nurse, licensed in the state of California, as well as certified support staff. Detoxification takes place on the 10 Acre Ranch campus. During the process. the client will have contact with the 10 Acre Ranch staff, to handle any outstanding items or issues. After the client completes the detox process, the treatment process will commence.

Basic Detoxification

The basic detoxification services provided are for prescription pain medication, heroin and other opiates, and/or alcohol. The cost varies between them and all assessments are made on a contingency basis. The final determination of acceptance or denial into these programs depends upon the decision of the program director of 10 Acre Ranch.

The amount of time required to complete these services cannot be determined in advance and all medical decisions, including medication, intake, discharge, and others will be up to the sole discretion of the attending doctor and the director of the 10 Acre Ranch Inc.

Talk with Our Professionals

Safe & Comfortable Detoxification in Riverside, California

The goal is to assist the client to live peacefully drug free. Our philosophy is complete abstinence from any mood-altering substance; therefore, when the client completes detoxification and begins treatment, medication administration ceases. In some cases, there continues to be mild post-acute withdrawal symptoms such as sleep disturbance.

These are normal conditions, and as time goes by the symptoms usually diminish and cease. During this period, clients at times “seek medication” for instant relief for these mild discomforts. It is the policy of 10 Acre Ranch to encourage the client to participate in the physical recreational activities that we provide for these reasons. Just thirty minutes a day of mild exercise helps the body return to its normal functional ability.

Healthy sleep routine, appetite and mood can be expected to improve with each day of sobriety that the client achieves.