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Percocet Addiction Treatment

Signs, Withdrawal Symptoms & Facts

Percocet Addiction Treatment in California

Percocet was introduced in the mid-1970s, mainly to replace the oxycodone based painkiller Percodan. It contains a mix of the opioid oxycodone and acetaminophen which is the main ingredient in Tylenol. It is prescribed to treat pain after surgery and sometimes for minor injuries. Like other opioid drugs, it quickly began to circulate in the black market as a street drug valued for the euphoric feeling of well-being it produces by binding to opioid receptors in the brain and causing a flood of dopamine.

Dopamine is the body’s naturally occurring chemical which causes us to feel pleasure from activities like sex and exercise. Along with the pleasure we feel, dopamine motivates us to repeat the pleasurable behavior. In the case of taking a drug like Percocet, repeating the behavior can have disastrous results.

Because Percocet contains acetaminophen, taking too much Percocet over a prolonged period can cause liver damage, liver failure, and eventually death. The opioid ingredient oxycodone is highly addictive, and after multiple uses, the user will need more and more of the drug to produce the same effect as the body builds up a tolerance.

Treating Percocet Addiction at 10 Acre Ranch

Our treatment center is a comprehensive recovery center located in Riverside, California. The program is designed to promote recovery of the whole being—body, mind and spirit. We believe that each man who comes to our center for help is a unique and valuable human being with something priceless to offer the community that no other person has. Our dedicated staff of physicians, nurses, therapists, and recovery support professionals is passionately committed to fighting the nationwide plague of addiction by reclaiming lives, one precious individual at a time.

10 Acre Ranch is fully licensed by the California Department of Healthcare Services to offer residential treatment. At 10 Acre Ranch, you can build a strong and lasting foundation for continued recovery.

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Our recovery center offers a restful and discreet getaway where you can focus on healing

We have been treating men who are battling addiction for over 20 years. Many of our staff have had their lives touched by addiction, and the community aspect of our “social model” of treatment is known to reach many men who were thought to be beyond help. Our program integrates:

How Counterfeit Pills Cause Overdoses

Frequently when somebody gets addicted to Percocet or another drug containing oxycodone, they will turn to the black market to obtain their drug after the doctor quits prescribing it. Or, if their use started recreationally, they may buy it from street dealers from the very beginning.

Now black-market drug manufacturers are making pills that resemble pharmaceuticals such as Percocet, OxyContin and other oxycodone-based opioids. These counterfeit pills which have flooded the street market are unpredictable in their dosages, especially if they contain fentanyl. Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid drug which is up to 100-times more powerful than morphine. Counterfeit pills which contain fentanyl masked as a less potent drug have caused hundreds of overdose deaths. Also, some counterfeit pills being sold nationwide on the streets contain Carfentanil, an elephant tranquilizer that is up to 10,000 times more potent than morphine. These deadly pills have also led to hundreds of overdose deaths.

What Happens When a Person is Addicted to Percocet & Opioids?

What happens as a person grows dependent on an opioid drug such as Percocet is that his natural ability to feel joy and pain is replaced by the pleasure that the drug produces. Before long, that feeling produced by the drug dwindles as his body builds up resistance, so that he has to take ever-increasing doses.

If the man is able to get real Percocet and not a counterfeit version, he will eventually need to take so much of the drug that the acetaminophen it contains will shut down his liver with potentially fatal effects.

As the person who is struggling with addiction continues to seek the feeling of euphoria produced by the pills, their ability to feel the normal joy and pain in life decreases. Soon they don’t feel much besides despair and a desperate need to procure the drug they are addicted to in order to avoid withdrawal. It gets to the point where they can’t even imagine a life without the drug.

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How Recovery Can Bring You Back to Life from Percocet Abuse

People in recovery commonly report that their new life is even better than the one they lived before they got derailed by addiction. There’s a feeling of gratitude and hope that pervades their daily life when they have survived a deadly illness; they have the joy of community with other recovering people, and sometimes they can even help another addicted person find recovery.

In a life of recovery, we learn to be truly grateful for each new day. It may seem impossible to believe that life is worth living while in the hopeless clutches of addiction. However, you can recover and find a life that is truly joyous and better than you ever imagined. The feelings of love and gratitude we experience in recovery are real, not counterfeit, and they aren’t dependent on taking any substance.

Get You or Your Loved-One the Help They Need at 10 Acre Ranch in California

Each day that you or your loved one spends in the grip of addiction is a day that is forever lost. There is no good reason to delay reclaiming your life or the life or somebody you love. Fill out our confidential contact form or call 877-228-4679 to take the first step on the road to healing now.

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