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Meditation & Mindfulness

Discover Healing & Peace at 10 Acre Ranch.

The goal at 10 Acre Ranch is to equip men with the skills they need to live a meaningful life in lasting recovery

Meditation and mindfulness are cornerstones to our program, so each day at the Ranch begins with morning meditation. Our integrated 12-step programs help residents set and achieve meditation goals, and our credentialed therapists encourage them to adopt a post-rehab meditation practice as part of a healthy, vibrant lifestyle.

Mornings at 10 Acre Ranch

Morning meditation is a collaborative part of our social model for lasting recovery. Mornings at 10 Acre Ranch begin with group members reading day-by-day books. After engaging with the day’s entry, the group shares thoughts about how it applies to today’s treatment challenges.

Therapists help residents achieve recovery goals by teaching the basic principles of relaxation and guiding participants through meditation. Time for private meditation practice is provided and mindfulness is encouraged. Residents are taught to become aware of inner feelings, thoughts and emotions and to detach these observations from misplaced self-judgment.

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Setting Meditation Goals at 10 Acre Ranch

No matter what your spiritual beliefs, meditation is an opportunity for contemplation, reflection and mindfulness.

While meditation objectives are individual, religious and non-religious goals include:

Emptying the mind of stressful thoughts

Concentrating on breath & promoting relaxation

Learning to live in the moment

Breaking the tendency to overthink

Increasing energy & improving health

Developing compassion, grace & patience

Handling emotionally charged situations

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Addiction & Mindfulness at 10 Acre Ranch

Fighting cravings, avoiding triggers, and making drastic behavioral changes takes energy. A mindfulness practice is important to achieving and maintaining long-term sobriety and finding joy in a substance-free life.

Incorporating meditation and mindfulness into the recovery toolbox yields these benefits:

Reduction of stress through deep-breathing techniques

Greater self-awareness & self-acceptance

Improved ability to ward off depression, lower blood pressure & boost the immune system

Greater emotional awareness & control

Sense of safety when examining unpleasant thoughts & emotions

Improved energy & motivation for maintaining sobriety

Awareness of triggers & cravings

Renewed sense of joy & meaning

Learn to Enjoy the Little Things in Life at 10 Acre Ranch's Drug Treatment Center in CA

At 10 Acre Ranch, many who have lost hope for recovery find the tools and treatment they need to finally achieve lasting sobriety. To learn more about meditation and goal coaching or to tour our facility and request an estimate for treatment, submit a confidential inquiry today.