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Couples Drug Treatment Center

Couples Rehab in California

When you and your partner come to a couples drug treatment center, you will go through an intake process. Both patients will be designated a therapist who will deal with you on your recovery. During this process you and your partner will be asked concerns on your drug history and previous usage.

It is important to address all concerns as truthfully and completely as possible in order to receive the very best care. Your therapist will help devise a treatment plan that is specific to your specific requirements. Detox services on their own have the tendency to be the most costly part of treatment, and depending on the level of care needed, intensity of addiction, and length of time it takes to detox. Sober living for couples in California is very possible.

What Should We Expect at a Couples
Rehab in California?

Once the couple actually finished the intake process, you will be given a tour of the couples detox facilities so you can easily find everything. The couple will then be escorted to their room or rooms. Each stage has different rules about couples therapy, some allow couples to stay in the same room, and others do not. A counselor will assist you unpack your belongings to guarantee you do not have any contraband products with you. If you do have items that are not allowed, they will be held till you leave the treatment center. Such items might vary depending upon the facility they may consist of any electronic devices and non-prescription medications.

When you have settled into the couples’ drug and alcohol rehab, you and your partner will receive a complete physical exam to identify any hidden conditions that need to be dealt with throughout detox from drugs. For instance, malnutrition and dehydration prevail among people addicted to alcohol and drugs, so these concerns will be resolved throughout treatment.

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Weekly "Family Night" Sessions for Couples

Our couples’ drug rehab in California offers family night every Wednesday night where families and clients are educated together on the disease of addiction. When the family has a full understanding of the disease, and the client understands how their actions affect the family, the healing process is greatly enhanced begin.

Couples Drug Rehab Near You

An inpatient rehab in Los Angeles is a residential treatment center where clients reside for numerous lengths depending upon their program. The average stay is 30 days, however the majority of addiction treatment centers provide longer programs (60 days, 90 days or perhaps longer).

The length of treatment depends on a number of elements, including the seriousness of the addiction, the existence of any co-occurring psychological health conditions, and whether the individual has been through rehab prior to.

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Family Programs

Most inpatient centers provide family programs, where members of the patient’s household take part in household therapy and activities. This offers the chance to mend trust and identify dysfunctional relationships or dynamics that could trigger a regression. Families can assist encourage and support their loved one by being actively associated with their healing.

Each inpatient couples facility offers its own unique lodgings. Some are basic, with shared rooms, cafeteria-style meals and leisure activities like swimming pool and ping-pong. Others may offer personal high-end suites with premium meals and a host of features, like a pool, medical spa and fitness center.

10 Acre Ranch Can Help Couples Recover, Together

Our treatment for couples at 10 Acre Ranch varies in the types and strength of services provided. Such treatment costs less than domestic or inpatient treatment and typically is better for people with tasks or extensive social supports. It needs to be noted, however, that low-intensity programs may provide bit more than drug education. In many programs, group counseling can be a significant element. Some programs are also developed to treat clients with medical or other mental illness in addition to their drug disorders.

Our co-ed rehab in California is an affordable, reputable Southern California rehab providing addiction treatment for men & women over the age of 17. To tour our facility or inquire about family, group, or individual counseling approaches, call or connect online today. Inquiries are confidential, and our team is honored to partner with clients and their families on the journey to long-term sobriety.