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25 Years of High-Quality Treatment

10 Acre Ranch offers evidence-based treatment at our drug & alcohol rehab in Southern California.

25 Years of High-Quality Treatment

10 Acre Ranch offers evidence-based treatment at our drug & alcohol rehab in Southern California.

Accredited & Trusted.

10 Acre Ranch is licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services. License #330042EN, Exp Date 10/31/23

Southern California Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center

For over 25 years we have been showing men & women a new way of life through effective drug rehab in Southern California using many forms of drug & alcohol treatment. Thousands of people who had lost all hope arrived at 10 Acre and were given the tools of recovery they needed to get sober and stay that way. We offer the entire continuum of addiction treatment – from the initial alcohol or drug detox. Our program is for men and women who are seeking and willing to get help to overcome the disease of addiction. 

Real Recovery

Tailored to the needs of individuals 18 and over, our programming emphasizes learning through experience. It’s a complete change for our client to be shown a design for living in recovery that empowers the individual and boosts his or her self-esteem.

Social Model

Our program is widely renown for being an extremely effective example of the “social model” of addiction treatment. The individual is immersed in a community of fellow recovering individuals, and learns new responses to the stressors of life that used to trigger a relapse.

Familiar Feeling

There simply is no substitute for the supportive, close-knit culture at 10 Acre Ranch. Each staff member personally understands and relates to every aspect of the disease of addiction at a level that is unmatched in our industry.

Expert & Caring Staff

We know that relationships matter when treating substance abuse. The staff at 10 Acre Ranch is not only highly-trained & skilled, but they also care about the outcome of every single client that walks through our doors.

A Full Spectrum of Addiction Treatment


Detox & Residential

Our Residential Locations Are Where Detox & Inpatient Treatment Is Offered.

Client and Parent Stories

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Get Your Questions Answered

Multiple Paths to Recovery.

Traditional Track

By combining a serene and inspiring setting with a staff of highly motivated clinicians, 10 Acre Ranch has become a landmark in the recovery community. We are known for showing men & women what “real recovery” is, a way of life that is more empowering than they ever thought possible.

Christian Track

At 10 Acre Ranch, we offer an evidence-based approach to recovery with a foundation of faith-based techniques as one of our core values. Many people who struggle with addiction find help in their recovery through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Pet Friendly

Our Pet Friendly Rehab allows clients to bring their pet to addiction treatment. Pets provide the comfort, companionship, and unconditional love many clients need to recover from addiction and mental health problems. Don’t leave your best friend behind! 

Trusted by Many

"I am writing to say thanks to all the staff and people who I met at the ranch. I went through treatment in July and August. I am clean and sober today, 1 yr and 11 days. Thank you for starting the best place I could choose to get help. I still use what I learned out there. Your friend in recovery."
Mike S.
"Almost one year ago, our son, who was near death due to his alcoholism, was admitted into your program. We are so thankful that he made a decision to seek help before it became too late. Needless to say, our son, too is a very thankful person for having had the opportunity to receive the services of your 10 Acre Ranch."
Jerry & Linda
Loved Ones
"What a ride! How can I put into words from my heart to all of you at 10 Acre Ranch my appreciation for the effort and unconditional love you have so freely given me."
Bob C.


Step into lasting recovery with 10 Acre Ranch.