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Tour Our Facilities

10 Acre Ranch has premium facilities in Southern California that can help you recover.

Access to Amenities

Music, games & more aid in recovery at this multi-facility rehabilitation center.

Social Model recovery

We emphasize learning through doing, & behavior modification occurs in a therapeutic group setting.

Comfortable Surroundings

Detox & heal in comfort, participating in healing activities to help overcome drug & alcohol addiction.

25 years of helping others

We have helped thousands of people recover from drugs & alcohol at 10 Acre Ranch in Southern California.

Engaging Environments

Residents have access to many luxury areas for group learning, relaxation & entertainment.

Animal Therapies

Sometimes healing from drugs & alcohol can be enhanced with animal therapies we provide.

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Our Residential Locations Are Where Detox & Inpatient Treatment Is Offered

One of Southern California’s most reputable rehab facilities, 10 Acre Ranch is an addiction treatment center serving men & women 18 and over. We provide a comprehensive range of addiction recovery services based on a social treatment model. Our welcoming program gives residents an opportunity to participate in daily process groups, make positive behavioral changes, and prepare for life after recovery.