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10 Acre Ranch has premium locations around Southern California that can help you recover.

Main Office

Main Center
8605 Janet Ave
Riverside CA 92503


10 Acre Ranch
Riverside, CA

Outpatient Center

10 Acre Outpatient
8605 Janet Ave
Riverside CA 92503

Sober Housing

Grand House
Riverside, CA

Explore Our Southern California Facilities

What to Expect at Our Residential Programs in Southern California

Access to Amenities

Music, games & more aid in recovery at this multi-facility rehabilitation center.

Social Model recovery

We emphasize learning through doing, & behavior modification occurs in a therapeutic group setting.

Comfortable Surroundings

Detox & heal in comfort, participating in healing activities to help overcome drug & alcohol addiction.

25 years of helping others

We have helped thousands of people recover from drugs & alcohol at 10 Acre Ranch in Southern California.

Engaging Environments

Residents have access to many luxury areas for group learning, relaxation & entertainment.

Animal Therapies

Sometimes healing from drugs & alcohol can be enhanced with animal therapies we provide.

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Our Residential Locations Are Where Detox & Inpatient Treatment Is Offered

One of Southern California’s most reputable rehab facilities, 10 Acre Ranch is an addiction treatment center serving men & women 18 and over. We provide a comprehensive range of addiction recovery services based on a social treatment model. Our welcoming program gives residents an opportunity to participate in daily process groups, make positive behavioral changes, and prepare for life after recovery.

Our outpatient location is where clients participate in outpatient & alumni support.

Sometimes the best way to fight drugs & alcohol abuse is to find a program that works with the demands of life. 10 Acre Ranch has an award-winning outpatient program that has stood the test of time. With thousands treated, we understand the level of care required for a variety of drugs. When implants, counseling, or an existing job is being considered, the outpatient program is where you want to be.

Our Sober Living Home Provides Clients Structure & Accountability in Early Recovery.

Let our premium living environments lift the fog of addiction, and steer residents down a more fulfilling path free from drug & alcohol abuse. With the help of group therapy, animal therapy, social reinforcement, and years of clinical experience, our residents emerge from our program renewed. Get away from the bustle that caused the addiction at one of our beautiful Southern California facilities.