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Depression Treatment in Los Angeles

How We Treat Depression at 10 Acre Ranch

Depression is much more than just feeling a little blue now and again. Clinical depression is a brain disorder that impacts the neurotransmitters, or the chemical messengers used by the brain to regulate feelings, moods and emotions. Depression impacts 15 to 18 percent of Americans and it can be caused by genetics, hormonal imbalances, stress and trauma, as well as the use of mood-altering chemicals. In fact, many individuals struggling with chemical dependency are also dealing with depression. Depression treatment in Los Angeles is aimed at addressing this issue.

The Symptoms of Depression

Depression symptoms vary from person to person and can impact a person’s school, career, relationships, and finances. You may need to seek help if your depression…

Interferes with daily activities, like job duties or chores around the house

Is accompanied by physical symptoms (headaches, digestive disorders, heart palpitations, etc.)

Leads to a running script of negative thoughts; for example, “I’m not good enough”

Causes feelings of hopelessness or helplessness, decreased concentration, and difficulty making decisions

Depletes your energy or causes difficulty falling or staying asleep

Is constant and not relieved by relaxation or positive-thinking strategies

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Depression Treatment in Los Angeles at 10 Acre Ranch

When addiction co-occurs with depression, clients require a specialized recovery plan. At our depression treatment center in California, counselors, social workers, and addiction specialists can help you or someone you love manage both diagnoses to optimize the chance of treatment success. A few of the many programs we use at 10 Acre Ranch to treat depression include:

Overcome Depression Today

Serving men 18 and over, our affordable depression treatment program in Los Angeles will help you get out of the darkness and into a full, bright life. To learn more or to tour our facility and request a quote, contact the 10 Acre Ranch team today. Call 866-274-9892.

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