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Individual Therapy

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse, can’t stop using, or compulsively uses, despite realizing that those substances are harmful, drug rehab can help.

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10 Acre Ranch drug rehab is a social treatment model that emphasizes therapeutic group activities like anger management, cognitive therapy, and 12-step programming. Living in a supportive community prevents clients from becoming alienated during recovery, and teaches them interpersonal skills that are helpful during and after rehabilitation. While group therapy is a powerful tool in the recovering addict’s arsenal, individual therapy may also be recommended for addiction treatment.

10 Acre Ranch has chosen to use a social model of addiction recovery because we believe it is important to break addicts out of a destructive isolation cycle. Learning to support others, prepare meals together, and engage in leisure activities is a therapeutic experience. When paired with group and individual therapy sessions and disease education, our program optimizes a client’s chance of recovery success.

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The Benefits of Individual Therapy at Our Southern California Rehab

Our Riverside, CA addiction treatment center is located on a beautiful piece of land shared with horses and other animals. Participants in our residential and partial hospitalization programs have access to many program features, including:

Break Through Sensitive Emotional & Psychological Barriers

Some topics are too private to discuss in a group setting, but must be addressed. One-on-one therapy sessions are a safe place to air these confidential concerns.

Expand Upon Group Learning

In a one-to-one setting, residents can further build on what they have learned in their process groups as they learn to apply it to their lives.

Delve Deeper

During private therapy sessions, participants have more time to focus on the root of their addiction and develop an individualized plan for managing stress and avoiding relapse triggers.

Involve Family Members

While families do not participate in group therapy, 10 Acre Ranch therapists may choose to invite family members to individual therapy sessions to address conflict, co-dependency, trauma, and other consequences of addiction.

Receive Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

If a client receives a dual diagnosis, they must be treated for their co-occurring mental illness and their addiction to optimize recovery success. Private therapy gives residents a chance to process coexisting conditions like depression, eating disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorder so they do not become barriers to recovery.

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Self-isolation is a common characteristic of substance abusers. The 10 Acre Ranch social model approach teaches residents to connect with and support other group members during the behavior modification process. In some cases, private therapy sessions may also be needed to delve into relapse motivation, addiction history, and coexisting diagnoses.

To learn more about our Southern California men’s rehab facility or request individual therapy information, submit a confidential inquiry today. Our drug treatment center serves men 18 and older, and we work with your budget and insurance to cover treatment costs and relieve payment stress.

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