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Alcohol Rehab

Quit Drinking for Good at Our Alcohol Treatment Center in Riverside, California

Alcohol is everywhere in modern society, but for many of us, it becomes an addiction

People with alcohol use disorder struggle with behavioral disorders, seeking out alcohol above almost anything else in their life, behaving recklessly, and endangering themselves, their mental and physical health, and those around them.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol use disorder, is unable to quit, or keeps relapsing, alcohol rehab can be the answer.

Today, an estimated 29.5 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder

In addition, with 16.5% of the population meeting the diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder, a significant amount of people need help.

Addiction treatment or alcohol rehab offers that help, with comprehensive programs to treat alcohol dependence, seeking behavior, and the underlying problems behind the disorder.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we believe in treating the individual, not the disorder

Everyone starts relying on alcohol for different reasons. We use a range of evidence-based treatment to help you overcome your own personal problems and disorder, offering the mental, physical, and spiritual support you need to recover, build skills for a sober life, and truly recover.

Alcohol Rehab in Riverside, California

10 Acre Ranch is an alcohol rehab center located in Riverside, California. Our facility offers full support for detox, inpatient (residential) treatment, and partial hospitalization treatment (outpatient). We offer a full, clinical detox center, ensuring you can withdraw from alcohol safely and in comfort. Plus, we offer ongoing sober living facilities to help every person in our care move back into their life with the full support and structure they need to do so at their own pace.

We’re able to offer that approach because most of us have had a past history of substance abuse. Our counselors and therapists quite often know where you’ve been because they’ve been there too. That also allows us to offer personalized care designed around helping you to follow your own path to recovery.

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Alcohol Detox

Most people are accustomed to trying to go cold turkey to quit alcohol, but it’s not safe to do so. In addition, quitting for short periods of time without behavioral interventions and therapy can increase risks of alcohol poisoning. With 3-5% of all people withdrawing from alcohol experiencing severe and sometimes life-threatening side-effects such as seizures and severe dehydration or cardiovascular problems, it’s crucial that you receive medical support when quitting alcohol.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we offer an on-site detox facility, staffed by licensed and registered medical professionals, who can offer the support you need to stay safe, comfortable, and happy. We’re also able to offer prescription medication to ease symptoms where necessary, however, we will offer encouragement to get through the process as much on your own as you can.

Our detox center offers screening, 24/7 staff support, ongoing monitoring, and quick help if something starts to go wrong

Alcohol detox happens at a different pace for everyone. In most cases, you can expect symptoms to start to go away after about a week. In the worst case, you may experience symptoms for a month or more.

Withdrawal symptoms start within 2-12 hours of your last drink

Symptoms escalate over the first 1-3 days

Symptoms plateau over the next week, providing you don’t develop severe side effects

Symptoms start going away and normally fade away within a week

For most people, this full process takes about two weeks. However, you can likely move out of detox and into treatment after the first week.

Personalized Alcohol Treatment

Every person is unique and so are your reasons for alcohol abuse. That’s why we take a fully personalized approach to alcohol use disorder treatment. Every part of our program is designed around that support, from our low patient-staff ratios, library of evidence-based treatments, and large selection of complementary treatments. We can offer help where it’s needed to give you the tools you need now.

That includes approaches like a social treatment model, where you’re offered support in groups as much as possible. From the moment you step into our facility, you learn with your peers, giving you the opportunity to learn from them, to get support from them, and to share and see different perspectives on substance use and recovery.

Some of our offerings include:

In addition, you will always get the one-on-one time with staff you need to learn and to have a program fully customized to your needs. We ensure that by ensuring we never have more than four patients per staff member, so we always have time and attention for you.

You deserve the time, attention, and resources to work through your problems, to treat your specific problems, and to tackle the problems in your life that contribute to reliance on alcohol.

10 Acre Ranch's Riverside alcohol rehab program also offers complementary treatment including:

Physical therapy and fitness programs

Nutritional meals to help with wellness


Yoga therapy

Spiritual growth workshops

12-Step programs

Recreational outings

Animal therapy

Self-realization therapy

Goal coaching

Sober-living skills development

Anger management classes

Stress management therapy

Post-recovery planning

Every person comes to addiction in their own way, so every person has to go through addiction treatment in their own way. Our diverse range of offerings allows us to tailor your program to help you build the skills you need for a sober life.

Residential Treatment

10 Acre Ranch welcomes patients to our Riverside California alcohol rehab center, where we offer friendly staff, a warm environment, and plenty of outings into beautiful, Southern California.

With a maximum patient body of 6, we ensure the focus stays on you, so you can recover with full support from staff.

A stay at our Riverside alcohol rehab center includes:

When you stay with us, you get the opportunity to fully engage with an intensive alcohol treatment program designed to help you step away from the stress and triggers of life at home, so you can focus on your recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program

If an intensive residential program isn’t right for you, 10 Acre Ranch also offers a partial hospitalization program. This outpatient program allows you to take part in alcohol treatment on-location at our Riverside alcohol rehab clinic, from 9 AM to 5 AM, 5 days per week.

This lighter program gives you the opportunity to go to treatment while maintaining responsibilities at home. In addition, it offers ongoing support if you want a transition period between residential rehab and living life on your own.

Daily treatment, from 9AM-5PM

Full access to our counselors and therapists

Custom programs tailored around your needs

Nutritional support

Group Therapy

12-Step programs

Recreational activities

Stress management

In most cases, partial hospitalization is ideal if you want your insurance to cover as much of treatment as possible. However, partial hospitalization may not be right for you. If you’re concerned about financing, call us at 1-866-274-9892 to discuss our financing options.

Sober Living

We understand that making the switch from structured living can be difficult. That’s why we offer ongoing sober living facilities – so you can graduate from alcohol rehab and move into a lower level of support.

Here, you still have to be accountable, you can’t bring alcohol home, and you’ll have a structured life with mealtimes, wake up times, and accountability. Our sober living facilities are located in Riverside, California.

The 10 Acre Ranch Difference

Our alcohol rehab program is designed to offer compressive support for recovering from alcohol use disorder. That starts with an on-site detox facility, licensed and caring staff, and a full range of treatment options to ensure you get the care you need.

Fully Accredited and Licensed

10 Acre Ranch is fully licensed to provide alcohol addiction treatment in Riverside, California. In addition, our staff are fully licensed and registered, with credentials appropriate to their roles and the counseling and treatment they are delivering.

This allows us to deliver evidence-based treatment, to the highest quality standard possible.

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Social Care

Part of addiction recovery is always social and at 10 Acre Ranch, we heavily integrate social model recovery. This means that, as much as possible, you’re asked to invest in your peers, to take group counseling and therapy, and to get social support.

As part of this, we encourage a drug-free detox model, although medication is available where necessary. In addition, much of your therapy and counseling will be delivered in groups, where you can share and benefit from insight from others.

At the same time, we work to ensure low staff to patient ratios, so you always get the one-on-one care and attention you need.

Treatment as Long as You Need It

10 Acre Ranch offers treatment for as long as you need it. Whether that’s just detox and an outpatient program or a 90+ day stay with us at our facility in Riverside, Soth California depends on you and your mental health needs.

If you’d like help choosing a program length, call us at 1-866-274-9892 to speak with one of our consultants.

Low Staff/Patient Ratios

You deserve the one-on-one treatment and personalized attention that allows your caretakers and medical staff to get to know you and your unique issues. That’s why we maintain a low staff/patient ratio, with no more than four patients per staff member at any given time. That low staff/patient ratio means we’ll always have time for you and your specific needs.

Full Range of Treatment

Addiction starts as a physical dependence to alcohol. However, it quickly becomes a behavioral and psychological dependence. People with alcoholism experience changes to personality, behavior, spirituality, and even how they connect to others. That’s why you need a full range of support to help you move past addiction and back into your sober life. Some of the treatment we offer at 10 Acre Ranch includes:

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

DBT (Dialectal Behavioral Therapy)

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy)

12-Step Programs

Addiction Counseling

Life Counseling

Individual therapy

Family therapy

Biosound therapy

Stress management

Interpersonal life skills


Nutritional meals

Activities (yoga, fitness, hiking)


Relapse prevention

Self-realization therapy

Disease model of addiction education

Whether you need social support, spiritual guidance, physical health improvement, or a mixture of all three to complement therapy and counseling, we’re there for you.

Our Drug Rehab Program in Riverside, California

10 Acre Ranch offers an alcohol rehab program in Riverside, California, where we combine caring staff with small-scale treatment, beautiful and relaxing locales, and personalized care.

Our goal is to give you every possible tool to help you recover – so you can move into recovery and the rest of your life.


Collect your medical and insurance data and call us at 1-866-274-9892 or submit our admissions form to get started. We’ll need basic information about you, your medical history, and your history of treatment. In addition, we can help you to verify if your insurance covers our drug treatment program and how much. That will also include support on getting to our facilities, whether from the nearby Ontario International Airport of or you live in Riverside.


The intake process at 10 Acre Ranch is designed to help us get to know you while ensuring your safety in the program. This will mean a medical and psychological evaluation to get you started.

In addition, one of our counselors will help you get to know the facilities and will take you to your cottage, where we’ll help you unpack to ensure you don’t have contraband.

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Our expert & caring staff on site are available 24/7. Call us today.


If you need detoxification support, we’ll check you into our detox clinic on site, in Riverside California.

Custom Care

You’ll receive custom support and a custom alcohol addiction treatment program based on your assessments and your interaction with your counselors and your support.

Whether that’s customizing how you receive therapy and treatment, choosing to take part in a 12-Step program, or getting sober living skills that help you to improve your lifestyle after rehab depends on what you need.

Sober Living

10 Acre Ranch offers full sober living facilities, allowing you to benefit from aftercare and ongoing support after graduating from our program. This includes structured living options, the ability to opt into ongoing treatment, and aftercare programs to help you fully adjust to life without alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab in Riverside, California

Alcohol addiction affects over 20 million Americans. Getting help means getting the tools and the personal support to help you recover by treating mental health problems, learning tools to deal with behavioral disorders, and getting support from counselors. We understand that everyone is unique, your reasons for relying on alcohol are unique and you need someone to help you treat those specific issues. At 10 Acre Ranch, we’re here to offer that personalized treatment with evidence-based therapy and complementary therapies.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us at 1-866-9892 to learn more.