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Anxiety Treatment in Los Angeles

Help for Anxiety in Los Angeles at 10 Acre Ranch.

Anxiety can strike men and women alike

The difference: Men are often less likely to seek help and support. If you have anxiety, don’t try to tough it out alone.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S, impacting roughly 40 million adults. What’s more, about 20 percent of Americans with an anxiety disorder also have an alcohol or other substance use disorder (SUD). And it works the other way, too: Roughly 20 percent of those with an SUD also have an anxiety disorder. At our anxiety treatment program in Los Angeles, our counselors, social workers, and addiction specialists can help you or someone you love manage both diagnoses to optimize the chance of treatment success.

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Types of Anxiety Disorders

Men & women can suffer from many types of anxiety disorder, both minor and major, including:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Panic Disoder

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Trauma & PTSD


Social Anxiety Disorder

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The Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

We all feel anxious from time to time, whether from a looming deadline or high-pressure work situation. For men with anxiety disorder, however, these anxious feelings can happen for no apparent reason or continue long after a stressful event or situation. And uncontrollable feelings of anxiety can make coping with daily life even more difficult. In general, some telltale signs of anxiety disorder include:

Trusted Treatment for Anxiety in Los Angeles at 10 Acre Ranch

At our Los Angeles rehab, we know that having anxiety and a substance use disorder is often a vicious cycle, as the symptoms of one disorder can exacerbate the symptoms of the other. For example, many men mistakenly turn to alcohol or drugs to temporarily dull anxiety. But this type of self-medicating actually worsens symptoms of anxiety.

Fortunately, there are ways to treat both disorders, regardless of which came first. At our anxiety treatment center in Los Angeles, our highly trained staff works with male clients to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses mental health along with substance use disorders to reduce symptoms and to increase the likelihood of long-term recovery. 

Let our trained anxiety specialists in Los Angeles help you find a personalized path of recovery – one that addressed anxiety and addiction in men. To learn more, call today: 866-274-9892.

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