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Drug & Alcohol Treatment in Riverside

Helping those addicted, recover from drug and alcohol in Riverside, CA.


The goal is to assist the client to live peacefully drug free. Our philosophy is complete abstinence from any mood-altering substance; therefore, when the client completes detoxification and begins treatment, medication administration ceases. Our program provides no avenue for clients to return to the “take a pill for what hurts” mentality.

Residential Inpatient

Residential treatment may last 30, 60, or 90 days (or more). 10 Acre Ranch works with your insurance provider and/or your budget to determine the length and course of treatment required to have a long lasting impact. Our spiritual 12 Step based curriculum guides clients toward opening their minds and their hearts.

Partial Hospitalization

An alternative to full-time hospitalization, the partial hospitalization program gives clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in our social learning model after completing a detox period or inpatient program. Less intensive than our residential program, 10 Acre Ranch’s partial hospitalization program is available for clients who reside in the community or have a supported residence or sober house to return to each evening.

We Work With Most Major Insurance Providers

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Young Adult Treatment

Young adults are very susceptible to mental heath issues and addiction because of peer pressure. 10 Acre Ranch’s goal is help you intervene when you are concerned about your teenager’s behavior. Our program is designed to get young adults’ lives back on track.

Dual-Diagnosis Program

Addiction are very often accompanied by co-occurring mental illnesses. These mental illnesses can cause relapses and prevent long-term sobriety if not treated alongside addiction. 10 Acre Ranch is determined to help you achieve recovery for life with out Dual Diagnosis program.

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Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism kills about 88,000 people annually. It is the third leading cause of preventable deaths in America. 10 Acre Ranch is determined to help people recover from alcoholism before the worst happens. Get the help you need to become sober at our alcoholism treatment program.

Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug abuse can destroy a person’s life, from their health to their relationships. Our welcoming treatment facility teaches residents to make positive behavioral changes and sustain life-long rehabilitation.