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Social Model Program

Getting Sober with a Strong Community of Support

10 Acre Ranch’s program is widely renown for being an extremely effective example of the “social model” of addiction treatment. In practice, this means that the individual is immersed in a community of fellow recovering individuals, and learns new responses to the stressors of life that used to trigger a drug use episode.

Our program allows residents of our treatment facility to connect with and support one another during the recovery process. As they live together, prepare meals together, and attend support group sessions, clients begin to break the destructive cycle of isolation that develops during active addiction, and adopt new and positive responses to the challenges that life presents.

Why the Social Model is Effective in Addiction Treatment

What’s so great about this treatment model is that human beings are social creatures and also learn most quickly by watching others and “doing” things. The experiential aspect of treatment at 10 Acre Ranch allows for men and women to participate in a wide variety of activities and get used to the ‘ups and downs’ of life in recovery without turning to an addictive substance.

There is a compounding effect of self-esteem that builds up as a person compiles sobriety milestones and participates in uplifting and healthy alternatives to drug use. This creates momentum that is carried forward and will help him/her overcome the challenges that life poses after they re-integrates back into the world.

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The Influence of the 10 Acre Staff

Each staff member personally understands and relates to every aspect of the disease of addiction at a level that is unmatched in our industry. In most cases, this comes from personal experience. We have a 4 to 1 ratio of staff members to clients, so the person in treatment will be interacting with our staff very frequently throughout each day.

Much as the 12-Step program of AA is built upon the concept of “working with the newcomer” in order to have a fulfilling life in sobriety, the staff members of 10 Acre Ranch are personally invested in helping the recovering individual succeed. The environment is often described as “family like,” and there is some tough love sometimes when a client is focusing on negative aspects of life, or not fulfilling their obligation to participate in his recovery.

Continued Care is Highly Recommended

Spending time with other recovering individuals is intrinsic to the social model of recovery, so (as with all treatment models), it is imperative that the individual continues participation in therapeutic group processes for as long as possible.

10 Acre Ranch has several levels of care available for the recovering individual to gradually “step down” through less intensive levels of care. Numerous medical studies on treatment outcomes have identified that remaining in some level of treatment for a full year of sobriety is a crucial milestone that bodes well for long-term success.

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12 Step Programs are the Perfect Example of the Social Model

Of course, the community of a 12-Step program like Alcoholics Anonymous is ever present worldwide and provides an incredible resource for the man or woman in recovery wherever their travels may lead him. By participating in 12-Step meetings the person will continue being immersed in a community of recovering individuals and also (if he/she is working a program of recovery) be accountable for their thoughts and actions as they work with their sponsor to adjust to any of the challenges that life presents. The 12-Step program is a great continuance of the social model of treatment that is utilized at 10 Acre Ranch.

A Social Model Program with Cutting-Edge Treatment

If you or someone you know is in need of treatment for addiction, contact our Southern California treatment center now to get more information about the social model of treatment (or any aspect of treatment for addiction). Our program works best for men or women who are seeking and willing to get help to overcome the disease of addiction. Don’t wait. Contact us today at 877-228-4679.