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Unique Addiction Therapies

We Offer Expert Therapies to Treat Substance Abuse

10 Acre Ranch programs provide clients with the support they need to achieve and maintain sobriety and adopt a healthy, productive lifestyle. Tailored to the needs of men 18 and over, our programming emphasizes learning through experience. Most therapy takes place in a group environment where clients have the opportunity to connect with one another, enjoy fellowship, and find their “new normal” without drugs and alcohol.

10 Acre Ranch has chosen to use a social model of addiction recovery because we believe it is important to break addicts out of a destructive isolation cycle. Learning to support others, prepare meals together, and engage in leisure activities is a therapeutic experience. When paired with group and individual therapy sessions and disease education, our program optimizes a client’s chance of recovery success.

The Expert Addiction Treatment Therapies Used at 10 Acre Ranch in California

Once the couple actually finished the intake process, you will be given a tour of the couples detox facilities so you can easily find everything. The couple will then be escorted to their room or rooms. Each stage has different rules about couples therapy, some allow couples to stay in the same room, and others do not. A counselor will assist you unpack your belongings to guarantee you do not have any contraband products with you. If you do have items that are not allowed, they will be held till you leave the treatment center. Such items might vary depending upon the facility they may consist of any electronic devices and non-prescription medications.

When you have settled into the facility for couples treatment, you and your partner will receive a complete physical exam to identify any hidden conditions that need to be dealt with throughout detox from drugs. For instance, malnutrition and dehydration prevail among people addicted to alcohol and drugs, so these concerns will be resolved throughout treatment.

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The path to addiction is complex. Our Southern California rehab facility addresses the unique needs of male clients and helps them confront the individual, family, and social pressures that led them to chemical dependency.

Our social model program is accessible and affordable for men of all ages, and the friendships and support systems fostered here carry into aftercare and beyond. To begin your healing journey, contact our intake specialists or submit an online inquiry and a member of our team will be in touch promptly.

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