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photo of a soccer stadium

Navigating Super Bowl Parties During Addiction Recovery

On Sunday, February 5th, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will be facing off in the NFL Super Bowl 51. Like many other
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photo of a man standing alone

Emotional Neglect: A Common Addiction Trigger

There are many different approaches to addiction treatment. But, studies have shown that the most successful ones do more than simply alter superficial behaviors and
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photo of some people in the office during a meeting

Conflict Management in the Workplace: 4 Strategies

Finding a career that’s rewarding (professionally and financially) is an important milestone that signals the successful transition into adulthood. You’re finally able to support yourself,
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photo of two people celebrating new year watching fireworks

3 Ways to Celebrate the New Year – Sober!

Getting sober (and staying sober) takes a lot of grit, determination and courage. Finding a lifetime of sobriety also requires a fair bit of planning
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4 “Go-To” Stress Management Strategies That Really Work

Sometimes “life” happens. Things like excruciatingly slow traffic during rush hour, disagreements with your significant other about finances, long lines at airport security and, well,
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Sobriety. It Takes a Village.

We like to think that we are self-sufficient. Self-reliant. Self-supporting. While none of these are bad things, remember: Sobriety takes a village, so it’s time
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