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Family Therapy

Healing Families at 10 Acre Ranch.

Family Therapy at 10 Acre Ranch

Defined in many different ways, family may play a major role in addiction counseling and treatment. Whether the family dynamic is harmful or helpful, 10 Acre Ranch helps residents determine when family therapy is needed, when contact should be avoided, and what support systems are available for those impacted by addiction. Under the guidance of our credentialed addiction specialists, family can be a positive force throughout the recovery process.

During a client’s stay at 10 Acre Ranch, it may be determined that family counseling would be a helpful addition to group and individual sessions. While family involvement is not appropriate in every instance, our marriage and family therapist may invite family members to participate at various times during rehabilitation. 

Objectives for family therapy are unique to the situation, but meeting topics may include:

Intervention & recommended treatment course for an addicted loved one

Moving from distrust to reconciliation

Addressing enabling behaviors

Establishing healthy interaction

Correcting faulty patterns of communication

Developing coping & anger management skills

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Weekly 'Family Night' Groups at Our Riverside 10 Acre Ranch Location

10 Acre offers family night every Wednesday night where families and clients are educated together on the disease of addiction. When the family has a full understanding of the disease, and the client understands how their actions affect the family, the healing process is greatly enhanced begin.

Weekend Passes & Visitation

After completing 30 days of treatment, residents may be permitted to leave the premises with a loved one for up to eight hours at a time. Passes are provided at the discretion of the counselor and are designated for local family, only. As a matter of safety, passes are not granted to out-of-state clients who do not have local family available.

After 60 days of addiction treatment, 10 Acre Ranch residents may be approved for weekend passes. Authorization for passes is dependent upon a resident’s behavior, motivation level, and overall attitude.

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Let's Work Together to Help Your Family Overcome Addiction Together

10 Acre Ranch is an affordable, reputable Southern California rehab providing addiction treatment for men over the age of 17. To tour our facility or inquire about family, group, or individual counseling approaches, call or connect online today. Inquiries are confidential, and our team is honored to partner with clients and their families on the journey to long-term sobriety.