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Group Therapy

We Offer Expert Therapies to Treat Substance Abuse.

The Social Model Approach

10 Acre Ranch uses a social model approach to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Therapy takes place in process groups (also called “didactic groups”), where clients are encouraged to step out of isolation and pursue sobriety in community with others.

Our credentialed addiction treatment staff leads these daily process groups, and activities include addiction education, relaxation and meditation, anger management, life story therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other educational sessions. 10 Acre Ranch’s didactic groups teach men to return to functional living, restore relationships, and develop coping techniques to avoid future relapse. In addition, participants learn tenets of the 12-step program and are encouraged to follow up with routine AA, NA, and CA meetings when treatment is complete.

Types of Group Therapies at 10 Acre Ranch

Process group therapy takes many forms at 10 Acre Ranch. Therapy opportunities include:

Stress management groups

It is important that group members develop constructive ways to spend their time and deal with stress. Cultivating healthy stress outlets improves wellbeing and enhances the recovery process.

Relapse Prevention Groups

Relapse prevention helps addicted individuals maintain post-recovery sobriety by teaching them to recognize triggers, develop problem-solving skills, and avoid situations that could trigger substance abuse.

Life Story Groups

During life story therapy, group members write and share their addiction history. This experience empowers people to move past trauma, identify their feelings and make peace with the journey to sobriety.

Self-Realization Groups

During self-realization therapy, participants learn to view themselves as distinct from their addiction so they can more fully embrace recovery, relationships, and renewed life.

Interpersonal Skills Groups

Introducing desirable behaviors for personal connection, interpersonal process groups guide drug and alcohol addicts through family, workplace, and social interaction. Certified addiction specialists also teach participants refusal techniques, so they are equipped to resist substance use in social situations.

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One characteristic of substance abusers is the tendency toward isolation. The 10 Acres Ranch social model approach teaches residents to connect with and support other group members throughout the behavior modification process.

To learn more about our Southern California men’s rehab facility or request group therapy information, contact the 10 Acre Ranch team by phone or email today. Our affordable drug treatment center serves male clients 18 and older, and we accept a variety of private insurance plans for your convenience.

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