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Drug Rehab

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse, can’t stop using, or compulsively uses, despite realizing that those substances are harmful, drug rehab can help.

Today, some 46.2 million Americans have a drug or alcohol use disorder.

With more than 16% of the population meeting diagnostic criteria for substance use disorder, the nation is suffering from an epidemic of mental and behavioral health problems. Fortunately, drug abuse can be treated, although it often requires significant therapy, medical support during detox, and ongoing care to ensure that people can recover from the underlying problems behind the addiction as well as the physical signs of addiction.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we understand that addiction is often a response to trauma, pain, and mental health problems

That’s why our Riverside drug rehab program offers a focus on whole-body treatment, customized programs, and support for mental and physical recovery over the long-term. Our social drug rehab program offers evidence-based treatment, complimentary therapy, nutritious food, luxurious accommodation, and the full support of our caring and attentive staff, to help you recover fully, in comfort and with dignity.

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Drug Rehab in Riverside, California

10 Acre Ranch offers inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient drug treatment from our locations across South California. Our primary treatment center, detox center, and sober living facilities are in Riverside, California, where patients can take advantage of beautiful weather and scenic outings between treatment.

Our focus on personalized care, low staff/patient ratios, caring staff, in-house detox, and social-model rehab mean you get the attention, social support, and evidence-backed treatment you need to recover.

Drug Detox

10 Acre Ranch offers on-site detox for any patient moving into our residential program. Here, detoxification includes the process of medically monitoring the withdrawal process, offering medication, emotional support, and psychological support as the withdrawal processes.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we have a medical doctor and licensed nurses on staff to aid in the monitoring process. And, while prescription medication is available to help ease symptoms, we offer encouragement to detox without aids, using exercise, healthy sleep, and good routines to start your recovery off right.

Our Riverside detox center includes initial screening, ongoing monitoring, and 24/7 staff availability, so if you start to experience major side-effects, we can respond and work to keep you safe.

Drug detox happens at a different rate for everyone

We can’t guarantee how long you’ll be in our detox program. In addition, we won’t discharge you until it’s safe to do so. However, timelines often are:

Personalized Drug Treatment

10 Acre Ranch takes a personalized approach to drug addiction treatment. Whether you’re seeing us inpatient or outpatient, we offer low patient-staff ratios, experienced and licensed staff, and a library of evidence-based treatment with a history of helping patients recover.

Our social treatment approach also means that most therapy is delivered in a group setting. You get the advantage of working through problems with your peers, getting support from peers, and learning in a group setting, where others can offer insight and their own experiences as part of treatment.

4 - 1 patient / staff ratios

Licensed and trained staff

Didactic therapy, EMDR therapy, CBT therapy, DBT therapy

Counseling, group counseling

Motivational therapy

Interactive family program

Dual diagnosis support

Every patient who steps through our door will have the resources to work through their own problems, to treat underlying issues behind substance abuse, and to learn the skills necessary to build a happy and healthy life.

We also offer complementary therapies including but not limited to:

Spiritual growth workshops

Physical fitness


Nutritious meals to help physical recovery

Recreational activities and outings

Anger management education and therapy

Animal therapy

Self-realization therapy

Goal coaching

Post-recovery planning

10 Acre Ranch is proud that our staff often come from a background of recovery. We know where you are and where you could be, and we have the experience to help you grow into a new, sober life. Every patient is unique, has their own problems, and their own trauma. We can help.

Residential Treatment

10 Acre Ranch offers limited residential treatment at our Riverside drug treatment center. With a maximum patient body of 6, we ensure that every person in our car receives the 1-on-1 treatment and attention they need.

Residential treatment includes:

Staying with us in Riverside gives you the opportunity to step away from the stress and triggers of daily life and to focus fully on recovery.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our partial hospitalization program includes a 10+ day program of treatment, with daily attendance from 9 AM to 5 PM. This program is a less-intensive program, designed for patients who cannot leave their home and responsibilities for the period, for those who have already gone through an initial rehab program and want ongoing support, or for dual-diagnosis patients who need time to go to specialists at the same time.

In addition, this program is fully tailored to your specific needs. Depending on the program, you may receive the same agenda of therapy and counseling as everyone staying with us full time. In other cases, your program may focus more fully on counseling and treatment to help you make the most of your time with us. In most cases, you’ll receive counseling, group therapy, 12 step guidance, recreation, goal coaching, life skills, stress management, etc.

Sober Living

Many people have trouble making the switch from the structured living of rehab to going back to normal life. In addition, not everyone is ready to stay clean when they leave rehab. Our sober living facilities offer a steppingstone between rehab and getting back to your life, so you have the ongoing accountability, structured living, and support you need to adjust to living drug-free.

Our sober living facilities can be combined with a partial hospitalization program if you need further support while staying with us.

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The 10 Acre Ranch Difference

10 Acre Ranch delivers drug rehab in Southern California. Our approach is based on social support, evidence-based treatment, and the belief that every person is unique and therefore has unique problems.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we understand that addiction is a response to trauma, pain, and stress. We’re here to help you get your life back by treating not just the substance use disorder but also the underlying problems.

Fully Accredited

10 Acre Ranch is fully accredited under national standards for drug addiction treatment. We’re fully Joint Commission Accredited for opioid treatment. Additionally, we’re licensed by the state board for operation in Southern California.

Our staff include registered and licensed medical professionals – although credentials vary by role. If you’d like to know more, please ask one of our consultants.

Social Care

10 Acre Ranch uses a social model of care, meaning that your treatment, counseling, and therapy are almost exclusively delivered in groups. While there is one-on-one therapy and treatment where it adds to your recovery, we believe that people have the most opportunity to learn and to recover in groups.

In addition, our social model allows us to maintain low staff ratios, offer low-cost treatment, and set the focus on individual recovery rather than individual therapy. Everyone has individual needs and your treatment program will be uniquely tailored to meet your needs. However, in most cases, therapy and counseling will be delivered with your peers, where you can learn and grow together.

Treatment as Long as You Need It

Our base program is 28+ days. However, we offer treatment as long as you need it, so you can attend rehab for 90+ days where needed.

10 Acre Ranch is fully committed to helping you to recover, and we will make honest recommendations about duration of treatment, about releasing you from the program, and what will best suit your needs.

Low Staff/Patient Ratios

We believe that direct contact with counselors and therapists allows our patients to get the most from our programs. That’s why we maintain a low staff to patient ratio, aiming for no more than 1:4 at any given time.

We maintain this by ensuring that we have a small number of patients at any given time, meaning we can fully focus on each individual in our care.

Full Range of Treatment

Addiction affects the mind, body, and the soul. That’s why we offer a full range of treatment, from evidence-based treatment for behavioral drug addiction to 12-Step support and Christian drug and alcohol treatment. We also provide nutrition and exercise support along with a full-range of sober-living skills programs to help with managing stress, work-life balance, relationships, and much more. Some of what we offer includes:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Dialectal Behavioral Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy

12-Step Programs

Social Model Treatment

Addiction Counseling

Life Counseling

Individual therapy

Family therapy

Biosound therapy

Stress management

Interpersonal life skills


Nutritional meals

Activities (yoga, fitness, hiking)


Self-realization therapy

Activities (yoga, fitness, hiking)

Disease education

Every program is tailored to your specific recovery needs, so you receive the support that helps you recover.

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Our expert & caring staff on site are available 24/7. Call us today.

Our Drug Rehab Program in Riverside, California

10 Acre Ranch is located in Riverside, California, where we offer a comprehensive drug rehab program. Our combination of small-scale treatment, caring staff, and our personalized approach to recovery means that you get the best support, at every step of your recovery.


Our admissions process is simple, contact us at 1-866-274-9892 to get in touch with one of our counselors. Or, fill out our Admissions form. We’ll help you organize travel, insurance, and figure out what to pack, so you show up ready for treatment.

If you don’t have insurance we can also help you to choose a finance program for our low-cost rehab program.


We’ll help you organize travel to ensure your trip to our facility is as safe and comfortable as possible. Whether that’s via car or if you’re coming in from out of state and need a pickup or a taxi from the nearby Ontario, International Airport, we can help.


You’ll be met at the door by a counselor, who will show you to a room, help you unpack, and give you a tour. We’ll also ask you to take assessments to ensure we have a good understanding of your mental and physical health and what support you do need.


If you still have to detox, you’ll be checked into our clinic to receive the support you need to detox.

Custom Care

You’ll receive one-on-one support from your counselor to tailor your addiction treatment program to your specific needs. Whether that’s delivering the life-skills training and therapy you need to be able to move back into everyday life or ongoing changes to your treatment program, we’re here to ensure your treatment matches your needs and helps you to get where you need to be.

Sober Living and Aftercare

Ongoing support can make the difference between relapse and staying in recovery. That’s why we offer a number of aftercare programs, including sober living facilities, the option for ongoing treatment, and an alumni program so you can stay in touch with your counselors and your peers from recovery.

Drug Rehab in Riverside, California

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug abuse, there is help. The caring staff at 10 Acre Ranch can welcome you to our facility, offer counseling and therapy, and give you the tools to recover not just from drug addiction but also from the underlying causes of addiction. We understand that everyone is unique, that’s why we strive to keep patient/staff populations small, so we can offer the most personalized approach possible. Plus, with our social model recovery program, we can offer affordable treatment, that’s accessible to everyone in need of care.

Our approach uses evidence-based treatment and complementary treatment, giving you a full range of treatment for mind, body, and spiritual programs.

If you’d like to learn more about 10 Acre Ranch, our admissions process, or our treatment options, call us at 1-866-274-9892 to learn more.