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Heroin & Opioid Addiction Treatment

Signs, Withdrawal Symptoms & Facts

Quality Heroin & Opioid Treatment in California

Opiates, which include prescription pain medication and heroin, produce a euphoric effect by creating chemical changes in the limbic or ‘pleasure center’ of the brain. Prescription pain medication and heroin use blocks the brain’s ability to perceive pain. This sensation is extremely habit forming. After becoming mentally and physically addicted, the opiate abuser will go to any lengths to get the drug – regardless of the consequences.

Opiate use hijacks the brain’s ability to make rational decisions, gravely impacting what is referred to as the “stop and go” system of the brain. Once an addict has been repeatedly exposed to an opiate drug such as heroin or OxyContin, the drug use triggers a chemical chain of events that cycles between the feeling of euphoria while under the influence and ensuing horrible withdrawals when the drug use ceases. This phenomenon is so powerful that the persons’ instinct will be to seek the euphoric rush again and again and they may find it impossible to break out of the cycle.

How 10 Acre Ranch Can Help Treat Opioid & Heroin Addiction

If you are addicted to opiates, we can show you the way out at 10 Acre Ranch. Our comprehensive program of recovery can help you live a life free from opiate use – one day at a time. Many of our staff have been touched by opiate addiction.

Opiate abuse can lead to an all-consuming, overwhelming, spirit taking, and soul-destroying life of pain and loneliness. We understand this. Opiate addiction is all encompassing and very often ends up taking the life of the user. In the grips of opiate abuse, a person can feel that the thought of not ever using again is unimaginable.

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Start Your Journey to Recovery Today

At 10 Acre Ranch, we start by helping the recovering man to take the first steps as you would at the beginning of any journey.

Getting sober for the first day is the first step. It isn’t such an overwhelming task – to just not use for today. With counseling, peer support, group therapy, a healthy diet and exercise a recovering person can begin piling up so many ‘one-days at a time’ and gradually they will be amazed to see an awesome, majestic mountain of recovery that is blooming with new life.

How Does Opioid Addiction Happen?

Most opiate addictions start with casual or social use. For some, using an opiate drug becomes a habit and its use becomes more and more frequent. With frequent use, the body builds up a tolerance so that the user needs ever larger doses of the opiate to feel the pleasurable effects. Soon, the user needs the drug just to feel normal. This is known as having become physically and mentally dependent on opiates.

As opiate use increases, the user finds that it becomes increasingly difficult to go without the drug. When somebody is addicted to opiates, withdrawal from the drug can be overwhelmingly painful, even dangerous. An addict will do just about anything to avoid the pain of opiate withdrawal.

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The Transition for Opioids to Heroin

Often, for those abusing prescription pain medication, there will come a time when the doctor will not write more prescriptions, or the person will get caught getting prescriptions from multiple doctors. Or perhaps they’ve found a black-market pill dealer who has run out of product or gotten busted.

Sooner or later the prescription pain pill user will not be able to get their “drug of choice” and they will be introduced to the low-cost alternative, heroin. They may start by smoking it, and then gradually graduate to snorting and injecting it.

Opiates are always dangerous and potentially deadly upon every use

Street heroin is particularly deadly because each batch has an unknown potency (whereas at least pills are consistent in their dosage). Mixing drugs can greatly increase the risk of fatal overdose. Mixing heroin with alcohol or benzodiazepines in particular is dangerous.

How to Tell If Someone is Abusing Heroin?

Signs of heroin addiction can include some or all of the following:

Shortness of breath

Dilated Pupils

Dental issues

Sudden changes in behavior or actions

Nodding out”- sleeping suddenly or more than usual

Valuable items missing from home

Distancing self from family and friends

Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities

Borrowing or stealing money

Sores or abscesses on arms or legs

Drastic Weight loss

Loss of employment

Poor hygiene

Get the Help You Need

Leave Heroin & Opioid Abuse in the Past with 10 Acre Ranch in California

10 Acre Ranch is fully licensed by the California Department of Health Care services to provide both residential treatment for heroin addiction. Before treatment begins at 10 Acre Ranch, we will closely assess the man’s history of drug use to decide what kind of detox program should be administered (including medication if necessary).

Fill out our confidential contact form or call 877-228-4679 without delay to seek information about healing for yourself or somebody you love. You don’t have to spend another day alone in the nightmare of addiction. Call us today.