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Riverside Inpatient Rehab

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By combining a serene and inspiring setting with a staff of highly motivated clinicians, 10 Acre Ranch has become a landmark in the recovery community. We are known for showing men & women what “real recovery” is, a way of life that is more empowering than they ever thought possible. Our program is for men and women who are seeking and willing to get help to overcome the disease of addiction.

10 Acre Ranch employs a ‘social model’ approach to rehab. This approach means that the bulk of residential treatment occurs in a group setting. While we offer one-on-one therapy and other individualized services as necessary, we emphasize the importance of learning to live and thrive in a community.

There is nearly constant supervision and interaction with our team of addiction treatment experts because of our 4 to 1 staff to client ratio. Most of the staff at 10 Acre Ranch has had their lives touched by addiction, so they can personally relate to what the men in treatment are going through.

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Evidence-Based Residential Inpatient Treatment Facility in Riverside, California

Residential treatment may last 30, 60, or 90 days (or more). 10 Acre Ranch works with your insurance provider and/or your budget to determine the length and course of treatment. We have created our program to be affordable since we believe that finances should not be a barrier to recovery.

Our spiritual 12 Step based curriculum guides clients toward opening their minds and their hearts. When clients learn to accept some higher power, they are able to unburden themselves by letting go of control. Once this is done our clients will be able to realign their perspectives, rooted with a strong foundation in mindfulness.

Our treatment facility is licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services. Our facility only houses a maximum of six clients at any given time and this is beneficial because it allows for close monitoring of each client. Also, our small number of clients means that we have more resources to dedicate to accommodating our clients’ therapy needs.

Located in beautiful Riverside, CA, some of 10 Acre Ranch’s residential program benefits include:

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The Benefits of Inpatient Treatment in Riverside at 10 Acre Ranch

Who Needs Residential Treatment?

10 Acre Ranch admissions counselors can determine whether you or your loved one is a candidate for our residential treatment program. Residential programs are recommended for individuals who are ready to commit to the treatment process and will benefit from a structured environment in which to recover.

Attending 10 Acre Ranch’s residential treatment program not only gives the men and women an excellent chance at rehabilitation, but also teaches them the skills needed to integrate themselves back into their families, society, and the workplace. After residential treatment is complete, our team designs an aftercare plan to help individuals avoid relapse triggers and maintain their hard-earned sobriety.

Let 10 Acre Ranch Help Guide You to Lasting Recovery at Our Riverside Inpatient Rehab

If you or a loved one is struggling with a chemical dependency, 10 Acre Ranch can help. Our skilled counselors, social workers, and addiction specialists will help you identify and address the underlying issues that fuel the substance use. To learn more about 10 Acre Ranch or schedule a visit to tour our center, call 877-228-4679 or submit an online inquiry today.