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Recreational Activities

Teaching You How to Have an Adventure.

Besides promoting the enjoyment of substance-free living, rehab recreation contributes to emotional, physical, and psychological healing. For individuals who have abused their body with drugs and alcohol, healthy recreation is often a distant thought. The 10 Acre Ranch residential program exposes clients to therapeutic activities during treatment and encourages them to carry these lifestyle changes into post-rehab. Benefits of recreational activities include:

This is to prepare clients for Activities of Daily Living Skills (ADLS). These skills are valuable to anyone who wants to become responsible and have the skills to survive on their own, at home or in a sober living environment. When the clients cook with each other, it also adds the benefit of strengthened camaraderie, friendships and a sense of belonging. These learned skills are put into practice throughout the entire continuum of care.

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Recreational Activities at 10 Acre Ranch

10 Acre Ranch addiction rehab is located in beautiful Southern California. We share our cheerful residential property with other animals and have access to a variety of on- and off-site recreational opportunities. Activities include:

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Learn How to Have Fun in Recovery at 10 Acre Ranch in Southern California

Recreation is an integral part of the social treatment rehab model. Under the guidance of credentialed therapists and addiction specialists, participants learn through doing. Weekly activities advocate team building, decrease social anxiety, foster friendships, and serve as interpersonal skills practice. As an added advantage, physical fitness and recreation are known to reduce cravings, alleviate depression and post-acute withdrawal, and prevent the boredom that leads to relapse.

At 10 Acre Ranch, we believe there is boundless joy beyond the pain of drugs and alcohol. Our therapeutic recreation program is available to residential clients, and men 18 and over are invited to consider our facility. 10 Acre Ranch accepts most insurance and offers affordable rates that are manageable for most budgets. To visit our CA drug rehab facility or explore rehab activities in Riverside, CA, get in touch with our intake specialists by phone or email today!