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Category: Drug Rehab

photo of a mother and daughter, outdoor concept

Are my Parents Responsible for My Addiction?

Whatever your age, if you’re asking, “Are my parents responsible for my addiction”, the short answer is “No”.
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photo of a sad young woman thinking of relationships problems sitting on sofa with offended husband

Setting Healthy Boundaries with an Addict

If your loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they will make life harder for you. Addiction changes who people are, how they act, and what their priorities are.
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photo of depressed man with alcoholism problem sitting in dark rehab center

7 Signs of Denial in an Addict

7 Signs of Denial in an Addict Today, an estimated 18.5 million Americans struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, yet, in 2019, just 20.4% of
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photo of Methamphetamine also known as crystal meth

Meth Addiction Signs and Symptoms

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that 2 million Americans use meth regularly.
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thoughtful man sitting behind metal fence thinking if he can avoid jail time if he goes to rehab

Can I Avoid Jail Time If I Go to Rehab?

Whether you’ve facing a court case or your friend or family member has just been arrested, facing jail time for substance abuse can be stressful.
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10acreranch 7 Tips If You’re New to Rehab photo of a group during therapy session in a rehab

7 Tips If You’re New to Rehab

If you’re attending rehab for the first time, you’re likely a lot nervous. Addiction treatment is a big deal and it’s important to be prepared, to go in ready, and to...
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Empowering Your Partner With Couples Addiction Recovery

Empowering Your Partner With Couples Addiction Recovery

Struggling with addiction is hard enough. Add in being in a relationship with someone who is also struggling with addiction, and it’s even more challenging.
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What is the truth about meth addiction recovery

The Truth About Meth Addiction Recovery

The sad truth about methamphetamine is that it is a highly addictive drug that is difficult to recover from. Meth is so addictive because it
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How Is addiction a disease?

How Is Addiction a Disease?

Views on drug and alcohol addiction have changed over time. While it was originally thought that addiction was a moral failing, much research has been
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9 Tips to Identify Drug Abuse in Your Workplace: How You Can Help Employees Who Are Struggling With Addiction

As the United States continues to experience the worst drug overdose epidemic in history, employers will often find themselves at the frontlines of an employees’
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