Avoiding Common Relapse Triggers: Protecting Your Sobriety Post-Rehab

a man following the road to recovery by avoiding relapse triggers

Choosing a life of sobriety is a bold step towards a brand new life. It’s a chance to rediscover yourself, make a fresh start and recharge mentally, physically and spiritually. The courageous choice to end the cycle of unhealthy behaviors isn’t always easy, but the long-lasting rewards are certainly worth the effort.

That’s why it’s important for individuals who have made the courageous choice to seek help for an addiction to alcohol or drugs to understand the underlying environmental and social triggers that may increase the risk of relapse. If you’ve invested the time and energy to make profound strides in your recovery, it’s important to protect your newfound and well-earned sobriety.

By working with licensed addiction recovery specialists, you can identify the potential hazards that might derail your efforts and arm yourself with proven strategies for protecting your health.

3 Common Relapse Triggers

Your emotions. Feeling depressed, anxious or stressed can trigger unhealthy coping mechanisms. If you turned to drugs or alcohol in the past as a way of dealing with uncomfortable emotions, take the time to make a list of healthy strategies you can use instead.

Social situations. It’s common for individuals with addiction issues to associate certain social situations with substance abuse. Take the time to reflect on your past to identify where and when drugs and alcohol were within easy reach. If necessary, consider avoiding places like bars and instead choose to socialize with your friends in drug-free zones.

Happy occasions. You might not realize that attending a celebratory event like a birthday party, wedding or even a baseball game can make relapse more likely. If you’re having fun catching up with friends and family, it’s easy to become distracted from your goals and become tempted to revert to old habits.

By knowing the warning signs and triggers for a potential relapse, you can protect your sobriety and continue your journey to better health.

Getting the Addiction Treatment You Need

If you’re struggling with alcohol addiction or drug abuse, 10 Acre Ranch can help you break free. Our Southern California rehab for men offers personalized treatment, as well as extensive aftercare support to help you maintain your hard-won sobriety. By emphasizing exercise, nutritional balance, and recreational activities, we encourage clients to develop a healing lifestyle that sticks—during and after recovery.

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