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A recent article in MiLLENNiAL Magazine reports that the U.S. War on Drugs has taken a turn from street drugs to pharmaceuticals, particularly among students. “According to The Office of National Drug Control Policy and the National Institute on Drug Abuse, aside from marijuana, prescription medications have become the most common drug choice for young adults,” reported MiLLENNiAL’s Kelly Tatera.

Why Prescription Drugs?

Millennials choose prescription drugs for a number of reasons, opting for stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin) to stay up all night and study or work, enhance sports performance, or lose weight. Meds like Xanax and Klonopin (depressants) are used by young people to ease social anxiety, reduce life stress, or treat high-strung personalities.

Believing that prescription medications don’t hold the same danger as street drugs like cocaine or ecstasy, millennials and other groups are more inclined to self-treat with these heavily prescribed meds. In addition, it is relatively easy to access these pharmaceuticals and remain “under the radar.”

“Research has also shown that students who take prescription drugs for non-medical reasons are at least five times more likely to develop a problem with drug addiction than those who don’t. Many of these prescription drug users are also binge drinkers, which exacerbates the issue. If certain combinations of the two are abused, the results can be lethal,” reported Tatera.

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