Staying in recovery is challenging for everyone who makes the journey from addiction to a sober lifestyle. After all, it requires a complete change of focus, activities, and companions. The recovery journey leads to a life full of possibilities, but what about the life it leaves behind? For men who are trying to stay in recovery, the ghosts of that past life are challenges that must be overcome.

Top 5 Relapse Challenges for Men

  1. Co-occurring disorders. Undiagnosed mental health issues like depression and bipolar disorder may be at the root of a man’s addiction. Unless such a condition is diagnosed and effectively treated, it will continue to act as a draw to self-medication and relapse.
  2. Poor emotional intelligence. Boys are not encouraged to show emotion as they grow up, so many become men who cannot correctly recognize their emotions or those of others. They often also lack skills to appropriately channel emotions. This poor emotional intelligence interferes with relationships and self-image, and leads to relapse situations.
  3. Old friends, old life. Successful recovery is a new start, but it requires leaving old buddies and activities behind. Men who are unwilling to break off contact with their old friends and pastimes soon find themselves drawn back into the addictive lifestyle they once shared.
  4. Life transitions. The unexpected zigzags of life can throw a man off-balance and lead to relapse. Recovery programs devote many hours to skills for handling stress, anxiety, anger, and relationships, but until these skills become second-nature, a man is vulnerable to life changes like job loss, divorce, or the death of someone close.
  5. Addiction transference. Anything that takes a recovering man’s focus off of his recovery is a relapse danger. New relationships, especially romantic or sexual ones, can quickly turn into passions that are unhealthy and even addictive in nature.

Social Model of Recovery for Men

If you are a man 18 or over who is struggling with the challenges of relapse, 10 Acre Ranch has the social support and relapse prevention skills you need. Call 877-228-4679 to speak with our dedicated admissions team and start on your way to a lasting recovery.

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