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Back pain and prescription drug addiction is on the rise, and opioids are among the top three drugs of choice (alongside antidepressants and stimulants). While the majority of people who must use opioids for severe back pain do use them responsibly, the Office of National Drug Policy reports that ER visits from painkiller abuse have increased over 160% since the mid 1990s.

Risk factors for opioid addiction include family history of substance abuse, mental health conditions, emotional trauma, or heavy stress. According to Karen Miotto, MD, addiction psychiatrist at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, “Addiction is a disease of denial.” Miotto warns that addiction sneaks up on people, and many people who are addicted do not even realize it. And, when they do—they may be too ashamed to get help.

When You Need Help for Back Pain

Unfortunately, many men are dealing with very real back pain from spinal degeneration, injury, or failed surgeries. If addiction has been part of your life, it stands to reason that you should do everything possible to avoid opioid use for pain relief.

Talk with your addiction counselor and pain specialist about complementary therapies like yoga, Pilates, biofeedback, myofascial release, hypnosis, acupuncture, and meditation. Men of all ages receive relief from these therapies, and even if they do not take the pain away, they often improve state of mind so pain patients are more emotionally equipped to deal with their condition. In severe, non-operative back pain cases, your physician may also consider a neurostimulator implant, which disrupts pain signals to the brain through electronic stimulation.

Get Addiction Help at 10 Acre

If back pain is driving your addiction, we can help. Offering complementary therapies that address pain from a mind-body perspective, we will help you detox and get sober—whether you’ve relied on opioids for months or decades.

To begin a safe from opioids or discuss your back pain journey with our team, call 877-228-4679 or submit a confidential contact form. We are available 24/7 to listen and help.

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