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Facing your drug addiction can be overwhelming. Women may find it even more challenging as substance use affects their physical and mental health differently from men. Women and men often have contrasting circumstances and reasons that lead to using drugs.  Additionally, women may experience different consequences from their drug use, particularly if the woman is pregnant or a mother.   At 10 Acre Ranch, we are equipped to help you face the struggles of a woman seeking sobriety.  

What Is Drug Rehab for Women?

Drug rehab for women is, quite simply, a drug rehab program that serves only women. Such programs might be residential, outpatient, or a blending of the two. Many of the services offered in drug rehab for women are often similar to those provided in co-ed drug rehabs, but the focus is on the specific needs of women trying to get clean and sober.  Women often use substances differently than men and can find themselves addicted more quickly.  Additionally, women can experience withdrawal more intensely and do not always respond to treatments in the same way men do. 

Advantages of Going to a Women’s Rehab

Women trying to get sober often face similar life circumstances, including a history of physical trauma, sexual trauma, and/or PTSD resulting from such trauma. Further, women are often struggling with financial independence, child care needs, and/or a current pregnancy while trying to get clean and sober.  Drug rehabs for women are more likely to have established programs and resources to assist female patients navigating their social circumstances. Staff at a women’s drug rehab can offer much-needed guidance in accessing resources for financial, legal, or domestic circumstances.  

Drug rehabs for women are more likely to have Gynecologists on staff to treat issues specific to women.  Additionally, such programs would be familiar with how substance use can affect women’s hearts, brains, and hormones in a completely different way to that of men. Finally, a women’s rehab allows you the opportunity to work your way through getting sober without the distractions and additional stress that may be present when men are present. If you do have a history of physical or sexual trauma involving men, a women’s rehab could provide you with sanctuary while you begin to heal. 

Disadvantages of Going to a Women’s Rehab

While there are many advantages to getting sober in a gender-specific drug rehab, there are also disadvantages. In a co-ed setting, you would potentially have the opportunity to form healthy friendships with members of the opposite sex while in a safe environment.   Co-ed rehabs offer everyone the opportunity to interact with the opposite sex and possibly rid themselves of any stereotypes they have about men and women. This experience could be helpful as it will be nearly impossible to carry on life after rehab without encountering the opposite sex.  Going through rehab with a diverse group could provide you with information to help you in sobriety after rehab. 

Get Help Today at 10 Acre Ranch

At 10 Acre Ranch, we’ve been providing Southern California with expert and caring addiction treatment for over 25 years.  Our mission is to rebuild lives, restore families, and improve communities. We are one of the leading rehab facilities in California.  We offer a warm and welcoming environment where we tailor healing to the whole person. Our full continuum of care has a full range of options to meet your needs, including onsite detox, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, and more. Whether you choose our women’s drug rehab or another one of our programs, we are here to help.  Contact us today!  

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