What Is a Rehab Facility?

You’ve heard people talking about going to rehab, but what is a rehab facility?  A rehab facility is a treatment facility offering medical and psychiatric treatment focused on addiction. Rehab facilities will typically provide a range of programs from detox to residential treatment to outpatient treatment.  All of the programs and services offered are aimed at helping you to get and stay sober. At 10 Acre Ranch, we have programs for adults and teens seeking help with their addiction.

Definition of Rehab

If we look at the definition of the word rehab, it means to restore to health or normal life. So, how do we define what a rehab facility is?  Well, rehab is a place where you can participate in treatment to restore yourself to health.  By the time many of us decide to get clean, we’ve lost sight of who we are and where we were headed before the addiction took over.  After years of using, you probably haven’t paid a lot of attention to your health.  Many longtime drug and alcohol users suffer from malnutrition and other health conditions. Others may have been using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate anxiety, depression, or trauma.  Wherever your health stands, you will find the care and support you need to get back on track while working on getting sober. 

Addiction is a physical, mental, and spiritual disease. Rehab offers us a safe and supported environment to address all three.  Most, if not all, rehab facilities start with detox.  You have to let your body rid itself of the drugs before you can begin to do the rest of the work.  Once you’ve detoxed, you’ll move on to the treatment level that is right for you. You might choose residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, or traditional outpatient.  Whatever program you select, you can expect to attend individual therapy, group programs or therapy, and more.  Rehab’s goal is to help you learn how to live without depending on substances. In rehab, you’ll discover that feelings are to be felt rather than numbed. You’ll also learn strategies for coping with life’s curveballs without returning to using. 

Who Should Go to Rehab?

Rehab offers an opportunity to focus on getting free of drugs and alcohol in a safe and supported environment.  If you’ve tried before to quit using in the past and have not been able to do so, you may find more success at rehab. Removing yourself from your everyday daily life and adding professional support can be the missing ingredients to get you on the path to a sober life.  Even if you haven’t tried to quit before, you might find rehab is the key to your success. Rehab can offer additional support for co-occurring disorders such as anxiety or depression. Additionally, rehab can introduce you to various recovery programs at one time and create a treatment plan that extends beyond the early days of sobriety.  At 10 Acre Ranch, we can support your sobriety from detox through to life beyond rehab

Benefits of Going to 10 Acre Ranch for Rehab

At 10 Acre Ranch, we’ve been providing Southern California with expert and caring addiction treatment for over 25 years.  Our mission to rebuild lives, restore families, and improve communities. We are one of the leading rehab facilities in California and offer a wide range of programs that will meet your needs.  We provide a warm and welcoming environment where we tailor healing to the whole person. We are committed to helping you break free from active addiction.  Contact us today and let us help you or your loved one with addiction!  

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