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woman using e-cigarrette

E-Cigarettes Could Save Millions of Lives

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that keeps tobacco users coming back for more. If you are in recovery, then you know that many of
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Addiction, Mental Illness and Cigarettes photo of a man smoking in a dark room

Addiction, Mental Illness and Cigarettes

Back in May you might remember an article we wrote about the dangers of smoking cigarettes in addiction recovery. Specifically having to do with the
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iphone 6 with facebook login display Social Media

Addiction Signs On Facebook

In today’s world, practically everyone uses social media of some kind. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to name a few. Even people who dislike Facebook (no
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Cigarettes Affect Addiction Recovery

In the world of addiction recovery, cigarettes are in many cases the last bastion of one’s disease. When people seek help for drugs and alcohol
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