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woman suffered from drug overdose

Overdose Death Impacting Life Expectancy

In the 21st Century those of us living in America expect to live robust lives. Far longer than once thought possible, thanks to advances in
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Bottles of prescription medicine opioids

Prescription Opioids: Reducing Pain Patient Use

As long as doctors continue to prescribe opioids, certain patients will be in need of addiction treatment. That is a fact. Prescription opioids, or opioids
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heroin spoon syringe

Heroin Vaccine Shows Promise for Addiction

Alcohol and substance use disorders have no known cure. There is not a pill you can take that will rid you of addiction. There are
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Binge Drinking Among Young Adults

Binge Drinking Among Young Adults Increases

It is probably fair to say that drinking alcohol socially is an American pastime. Or, at the very least, involved in many activities that Americans
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Opioid Addiction Epidemic Apologia

We have written about opioid use in the past, and for good reason. We are in the grips of a serious epidemic linked to reckless
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