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Stress Management Group Therapy

Helping You Learn to Manage Stress

When left unchecked, stress becomes hazardous to our physical and emotional health. For those caught in a web of addiction, stress is particularly damaging. It plays a principal role in the onset and development of substance abuse and is a major contributor to post-recovery relapse. At 10 Acre Ranch, our process groups, or “didactic groups,” provide the social support, coping, and problem-solving skills needed to deal with stress in a more constructive way. In addition, our small, homelike environment provides residents with a sense of security while they learn to manage troubling emotions and difficult circumstances.

Stress comes from a number of places, and is different for everyone

From financial crisis and job loss to interpersonal conflict or death of a family member, adverse situations lead people down the path of chemical dependency. Recognizing these stressors and understanding personal triggers is critical to optimizing recovery success. During stress management groups, members cultivate healthy coping habits and learn to avoid the stressors that lead to relapse. While nothing can be done to remove tension from an addict’s life, there are many teachable techniques that allow them to identify high-risk situations and manage stress more constructively.

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Coping Strategies for Managing Stress

Strategies include but are not limited to:

Physical & mind-body exercise programs

Healthy diet & lifestyle

Sports & leisure activities

Social networks & support groups

Music therapy & instrument lessons

Spirituality & positive self-talk

Family-life-work balance

Breathing & relaxation techniques

Experience New Ways to Manage Stress in Recovery at 10 Acre Ranch in California

At our Southern California rehab facility, we are focused on the total person. Developing healthy stress relievers improves well-being and hastens recovery success. Rehabilitation includes stress management therapy as well as opportunities for group socialization, physical activity, and off-site fun. Serving men 18 and over, our affordable program will help you plan for success, practice self-care, and avoid dangerous relapse triggers. To learn more about our social model for addiction recovery, contact a 10 Acre team member by phone or online today.

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