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Self-Realization Group Therapy

Learn More About Yourself at 10 Acre Ranch.

Many recovering addicts struggle to view themselves apart from their addiction

Unable to see what they were before or who they might become after achieving sobriety, they falsely assume that they will never “find their true selves” again. At 10 Acre Ranch drug and alcohol recovery facility, our addiction treatment programs incorporate self-realization therapy to help residents replace destructive patterns with healthy ones. Our team helps residents view themselves as whole, worthwhile people with unlimited capabilities.

Self-realization is developing full human potential by learning to understand and embrace gifts, talents, and skills. According to infamous psychologist Abraham Maslow, self-realization or self-actualization is the impulse to convert oneself into what/who one is capable of being. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs suggests that self-realization occurs only after our more basic needs (physiological, security, social, and esteem) are met. Unfortunately, addiction hijacks the brain and disrupts this prioritization process.

What to Expect During Self-Realization Group Therapy Sessions at 10 Acre Ranch

Many addicted individuals believe that they are on a dead-end road with no hope in sight, and no ability to solve their problems or fulfill their most basic needs. The credentialed 10 Acre Ranch team helps residents separate personal potential from chemical dependency and learn to love themselves again.

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Depending upon the individual needs of participants, self-realization therapy lessons may include:

Learning to be free from the dangers of social coercion

Discovering how addiction prevents the fulfillment of basic needs and achievement of self-actualization

Developing goals that provide meaning and purpose

Breaking free from the chains of chemical dependency

Embracing life in a new way

Find Your Path to Self-Discovery at Our Southern California Drug Rehab

In addition to our proven group therapy curriculum, 10 Acre Ranch gives residents the opportunity to live and learn together. As they pursue a functional lifestyle amid the support of peers and role models, recovering addicts “practice” the return to their families, workplaces, and friendships. Group activities include preparing meals, enjoying fellowship, exercising together, playing softball, and attending social gatherings. To learn more about our affordable Southern California rehab facility, contact our team online or by phone today!

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