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Recovery Assignments

Discover Healing & Peace at 10 Acre Ranch.

Addiction, relapse, and recovery are not events; they are processes

Throughout addiction treatment, 10 Acre Ranch challenges clients to focus on recovery assignments that help them better understand themselves, heal both mind and body, learn to manage stress, and return to a productive lifestyle.

10 Acre Ranch Recovery Homework

Throughout the week, residents have an opportunity for reflection and quiet time. During that time, our addiction specialists and therapists ask them to analyze:

Their Desire For Control

Difficulty “letting go” can keep addicts chained to chemical dependency and destructive patterns.

Acting-out Behaviors

Parents, children, and other loved ones suffer when substance abusers act out. Clients are asked to reflect on when and why they adopt these behaviors.

Steps 1, 2, and 3 of the 12-step program

During these first three steps, participants admit their powerlessness over alcohol, learn to believe in a power greater than themselves, and make a decision to change behaviors and rely on God.

Anger As A Drug

When alcohol and drugs are no longer available, aggression may become a drug of choice. Anger management is key to addiction recovery.

Importance Of Self-Care

It is not self-centered to take time for relaxation, meditation, and fun. Instead, physical and emotional self-care is critical to every phase of the treatment process.

Communication Skills

Family drama, damaged relationships, and loneliness often lead addicts to live in isolation and frustration. 10 Acre Ranch teaches residents to examine their interpersonal skills and re-learn healthy communication habits.

Relapse Prevention

Addicts must think about relapse prevention planning from day one of rehab. Identifying triggers and learning to manage stress in healthy ways is integral to maintaining long-term sobriety.

Shame & Guilt

Chemically dependent people are often ashamed of their addiction and their flaws. During this recovery assignment, residents learn to release their shame, reconnect with others, and experience healing.

Discharge Planning

Heading home is exciting, but also traumatic. With the help of our credentialed addiction specialists, 10 Acre Ranch clients spend a great deal of time planning for post-rehabilitation and adapting to life without substance use.

Talk with Our Professionals

Find Out How We Can Help You Achieve Lasting Recovery from Addiction

Addiction therapy and recovery activities are both liberating and challenging. As clients learn more about themselves and embark upon the recovery process, the 10 Acre Ranch staff is available to support and educate them. To learn more about pursuing sobriety at our welcoming 6-bed facility, submit a confidential inquiry or call 877-228-4679 today. A team member will be in touch promptly!

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