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Month: March 2022

Natural dynamic mixture of oil colored pigments fluid flow background, LSD concept,Psychedelics

Long Term Effects of LSD

LSD is an extremely popular psychedelic drug that’s been commonly used since the 1960s.
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Photo of a couple, woman being upset, don't know what to do with her addict loved-one

How to Say No to an Addict You Love

In 2020, 40.3 million U.S. adults (Aged 12 and older) struggled with a drug or alcohol use disorder. With 6.29% of the U.S. population struggling with drugs and alcohol, 3 out of every 50 Americans has a substance use problem.
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photo of a beautiful woman reading inspirational quotes from a book

10 Cool Inspirational Quotes for Your Recovery

10 Cool Inspirational Quotes for Your Recovery Finding inspiration and motivation as you move into recovery can be difficult. For many of us, finding a
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