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Who is 10 Acre Ranch?

For those who do not know, 10 Acre Ranch is a highly professional, and extremely qualified, drug and alcohol rehab treatment center. It is a
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photo of two men talking in the cafeteria Improving Communication Skills

Addiction Recovery: 3 Strategies for Improving Communication Skills

Drug and alcohol rehab programs are designed to heal the addict – mentally, physically and spiritually – freeing them from a life controlled by the
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photo of unhappy young woman sitting on a sofa and drinking alcohol

Cause and Effect: Binge Drinking and Diabetes

Think the binge drinking you did in college was just good old-fashioned fun? Think again. New research is showing that binge drinking, common among partying
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wine glass and alcohol in the bed

Alcohol & the Bedroom: Facts & Myths

Alcohol has a reputation for improving sleep, libido, and sex—but what’s the truth about drinking and the bedroom? The Impact of Alcohol on Sleep Put
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photo of TreeA plastic coated card deck beside poker chip and dice gambling addiction concept

Addiction Transfer: Trading One Habit for Another

Recognizing a drug or alcohol problem and seeking treatment is a life-changing step for any man. Learning to live without the substances that create pleasure
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Young man training on the beach in morning. Young man on morning run outdoors

Exercise & Drug Addiction

Stronger Body, Sharper Mind Exercise is a proven remedy for a variety of ailments, from diabetes to depression—and even chemical dependency. Studies show that vigorous
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