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Running is a great recovery activity to get a “natural high” as the body releases endorphins and adrenaline. Plus, it can help counteract the trauma that your body has endured during years of substance abuse – healing and restoring your physical and mental health. What’s more, running delivers a staggering number of health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure and better weight control.

If you’re thinking about becoming a runner, these proven strategies will help you ease into this healthy habit. 

  • Get your doctor’s clearance. This is especially important if you’ve been sedentary for more than a year, are overweight, or have a history of diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • Go slow. With any new habit, you’ll want to make sure to set attainable goals. This will help give you confidence and also prevent injury. Commit to running a few minutes each day for the next month – and then increase your time when you’re ready. Listen to your body. Pushing yourself too hard or too quickly can lead to burnout and injuries.
  • Track your progress. Whether you record your progress (time, mileage, etc.) in a journal or use a free smartphone app (RunKeeper, iMapMyRun and SmartRunner, for example), keeping track of your new running routine is a great way to stay motivated. Remember to celebrate your fitness goals along the way.
  • Find a fitness partner. At 10 Acre Ranch, we encourage our male clients to connect with one another, so why not get to know one of your recovery buddies a little better while going for a run together!

Exercise to Support Your Sobriety
Imagine taking care of your physical, mental and spiritual health all before noon. That’s what you’ll experience at the ranch. We offer our male clients a variety of recovery activities that support lasting sobriety. To learn more about our men’s drug rehab or request recreation and activity information, call us today: 877-228-4679.

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