Sad woman sitting on sofa at home having negative thoughts

Many people in recovery from addiction continue to struggle with negative thinking from time to time. This is because you likely spent a good portion of your life indulging in negative thoughts – plus, just because you’re sober, it doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically gain a sunny outlook.

Luckily, breaking a negative cycle is possible. It just may take a bit of time, patience and practice to think more positively. These strategies can help brighten your perspective.

  • Reach out to a friend. Talking to a loved one (preferable someone who is optimistic) is the perfect healthy distraction to quiet the negative chatter in your mind. By the end of your conversation, you may even forget what you were upset about in the first place.
  • Step outside. Stuck inside with your negative thoughts? Put on those shoes and head outside. The sunshine and fresh air will automatically give you a sunnier outlook.
  • Meditate: Taking a minute to be still and focus on your breath will help you clear your head so you can control your negative thinking.
  • Exercise: This works by helping to release feel-good endorphins and by keeping you in the moment, where negative thoughts are less likely to thrive.
  • Help someone: An act of altruism is often the wake-up call needed to stop dwelling on the bad and start focusing on the good.

Self-Realization at 10 Acre Ranch
Many addicted individuals believe that they are on a dead-end road with no hope in sight, and no ability to solve their problems or fulfill their most basic needs. The credentialed 10 Acre Ranch team helps residents and outpatients separate personal potential from chemical dependency and learn to love themselves again. To learn more, call 877-228-4679.

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