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Men struggling with compulsive alcohol or drug use often find themselves under heavy financial stress due to job loss, substance-related debt, or increases in insurance premiums. By the time they enter rehab, many substance abusers have gone down a path of total financial destruction. Just like people who declare bankruptcy or struggle to overcome a shopping compulsion, those in addiction recovery may need to start over financially.

“Starting over” looks different for everyone, but generally includes:

  • Getting on a written budget. Nobody likes the “b” word, but it is an essential part of tracking how and when you are spending. Your budget should prioritize basic needs (food, clothing, shelter), as well as accounting for debt repayment and savings. Check out proven programs like Suze Orman’s Money Class or Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps if you don’t know where to start.
  • Educate yourself about needs & wants. Throughout your chemical dependency, your life revolved around instant gratification. You “needed” a fix, a drink, or a pill—even when you ran out of money. As you gain traction with your addiction recovery, re-evaluate spending priorities to incorporate long-term savings goals such as retirement, dream vacations, or a return to college.
  • Get debt counseling. Chances are there are free community programs and affordable debt counseling tools and services available in your area. Visit the National Foundation for Credit Counseling®, a non-profit organization, for a list of resources. Coming to terms with your addiction debt is a key part of restoring your finances—and your peace of mind.

Investing in Yourself with High-Quality Addiction Rehab Care

If you or someone you care deeply about requires counseling or inpatient rehab for drug or alcohol misuse, don’t let finances get in your way. 10 Acre Ranch men’s addiction rehab is one of best investments you will ever make—and one that delivers excellent returns in the form of restored health, relationships, and career opportunity.

Our team of admissions specialists works directly with your insurance company to maximize recovery benefits and advocate for you each step of the way. To learn more about how you can begin CA addiction treatment at 10 Acre Ranch, call our CA men’s rehab specialists: 877.228.4679.

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