Woman lying in bed, pills in the side table, detoxing at home

An increase in the number of over-the-counter detox supplements has many people believing that withdrawing from drugs or alcohol at home can be safe—and simple. Articles and ads promote detox products and homemade recipes that claim to flush toxins and support the body during this precarious rehab phase. Unfortunately, home detox is a dangerous myth.

  • Cold-turkey home alcohol cessation can be very dangerous. Users may have convulsions, hallucinations, delirium, nausea, or even heart trauma. Professional alcohol detox includes two phases, and clients must be carefully monitored and medically supported during the first, more short-term phase. The second phase happens over months as the brain begins to “normalize.” Fortunately, most remaining symptoms are not life threatening during phase 2, but the client still requires addiction treatment support.
  • Withdrawing from multiple substances is very risky. For substance users that indulge in a mix of alcohol, street drugs, or prescription drugs, self-detox is especially harmful. If your body is dependent upon more than one substance, withdrawing from them can lead to unpredictable results. An expert needs to determine the best method for detox to avoid amplifying withdrawal symptoms.
  • Risk of relapse is higher for home detoxers. This is partially because people who go off of drugs and alcohol at home lack a supportive, professional network of physicians, therapists, and addiction specialists. As symptoms become unbearable, men and women return to drugs to ease the pain. There is also a higher risk of overdose because of this.

Medically Supported Detox at 10 Acre Ranch

10 Acre Ranch’s comfortable detox program is available for men addicted to alcohol, opiates, prescription pain medicine, heroin, and other substances. Your detox takes place on our beautiful CA campus, and is supervised by a physician and nurse. After detox, residents can immediately enter the active stages of addiction treatment and therapy.

To begin your own safe-detox process, call 877-228-4679 or submit a confidential contact form and begin the addiction treatment process today.

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