3 college students sniffing cocaine becoming an addict

The freedom that comes with going away to college can be exhilarating as well as terrifying. Learning to juggle academic responsibilities with making new friends, holding a part-time job, and living independently can be challenging for any teenager who previously relied on Mom and Dad to keep things running smoothly.

Signs of Addiction in College Students

College students often begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol to cope with stressful changes in their lives or exert their autonomy once they leave home. Some warning signs that suggest your child might be in trouble include:

  • Reluctance to call or visit on a regular basis
  • Evasiveness when asked about life at college
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Lack of attention to personal hygiene
  • Loss of inhibitions or anger management issues
  • Difficulty keeping up with coursework
  • Legal troubles or disciplinary action at school
  • Cash, jewelry, or other valuables mysteriously missing after a home visit

What Substances Do College Students Abuse?

Alcohol is still the most commonly abused substance among college students, although the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that daily marijuana use among college students is at its highest level since 1980—having surpassed the number of students who smoke cigarettes on a regular basis. The Associated Press reports that college students are most likely to abuse stimulants during exam times, mostly due to worries about keeping up with an intensified study schedule.

Getting the Help Your Child Needs

If you believe your child is struggling with addiction, getting treatment is essential. Although most college campuses have a mental health center for students, these facilities are often overburdened and understaffed. 10 Acre Ranch specializes in treating men ages 18 and older who are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, offering residential rehab. Call 1.877.228.4679 to get help for your college student or learn more about our men’s-only CA rehab program.

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