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For 20% of Americans who have trouble going to sleep at night, having a glass of wine or a drink at bedtime seems like a good solution. Unfortunately, it isn’t. In fact, recent studies have shown that alcohol can disturb your sleep patterns and lead to repeated bouts of insomnia.

Alcohol Does Make You Feel Sleepy
Alcohol is a known to be a sleep inducer, and probably will help you go to sleep initially. There’s a trade-off, though. Later in the night, you may awaken and be unable to fall asleep again. Scientists believe that alcohol interferes with the body’s natural sleep regulation function, called homeostasis. This function balances a person’s time awake with his need for sleep. A drink or two at bedtime could cause a shift in this function and result in disrupted and poor sleep.

Drinking Causes Sleep-Related Problems
In addition to a disrupted sleep pattern, alcohol is believed to affect an individual’s type and quality of sleep. Drinking alcohol as a sleep aid can:

• Reduce REM sleep, the most restorative type of sleep
• Suppress breathing & lead to sleep apnea
• Cause long-term problems with memory
• Increase your chance of sleep walking & sleep talking
• Lead to alcohol dependence

Recovery with an Emphasis on Health
Drug and alcohol rehab at 10 Acre Ranch is about more than clinical treatment and individual therapy. We believe that restoring you to healthy living habits will help you maintain your sobriety and live a fulfilling and productive life.

Healthy food preparation, regular exercise, social support, and a meaningful routine help you gain control of your health, your relationships, and your time. Residential addiction treatment for men 18 and older at 10 Acre Ranch begins with a phone call to 877-228-4679. Our friendly admissions team will verify insurance, explain our healthy living program, and start your enrollment. Take a step toward sober living and sleep better tonight.

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