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12 Step Integration

Introducing You to 12 Step Programs at 10 Acre Ranch.

Our spiritual 12-Step based curriculum guides clients toward opening their minds and their hearts

When clients learn to accept some higher power, they are able to unburden themselves by letting go of control. Once this is done our clients will be able to realign their perspectives, rooted with a strong foundation in mindfulness.

10 Acre Ranch integrates 12-step tenets from programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA) into our group therapy approach.

12-step integration has a two-fold benefit

(1) guiding residents while they are in recovery, and

(2) helping clients develop a support network that they can rely on during post-rehabilitation.

During 12-step group time, 10 Acre Ranch clients participate in a Big Book study. The Big Book is a text detailing the 12 core steps of AA, NA, and CA programs, and provides motivating testimonials from people who have experienced recovery success. While the foundation of any 12-step program is the concept that addicts need a higher power to achieve and maintain sobriety, you do not need to be spiritual to participate in Big Book discussions. The 12 steps can be tailored to a client’s personal value system. To supplement Big Book studies, 10 Acre Ranch residents are invited to attend AA, NA, or CA meetings in the Riverside, California area.

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Working the 12 Steps at 10 Acre Ranch

12-step programs help thousands of people find their way out of addiction. When paired with group therapyindividual therapy, and customized relapse prevention, 12-step programs are especially helpful. With a sponsor’s guidance, 12-step programs teach participants to:

Admit a lack of control over addiction

Recognize that one cannot achieve sobriety alone

Evaluate & making amends for past grievances

Adopt a new code of behavior, and

Begin to help others who struggle with addiction & relapse

Find Recovery at Our 12 Step Drug Rehab in Southern California at 10 Acre Ranch

Self-isolation and loathing are common characteristics of substance abusers. At 10 Acre Ranch, our 12-step integration process helps residents come to terms with addiction, forgive themselves, and move forward on their journey to long-term sobriety. To learn more about our Southern California men’s rehab facility or inquire about our social treatment model, clients are encouraged to submit a confidential inquiry today. Our drug treatment center serves men 18 and older, and our intake specialists work with your insurance coverage and budget to develop a program that is affordable for you.

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