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Addiction is often misunderstood, and the most common myths make people hesitant to get the help they need. Educating yourself is the first and most important step toward a brighter, healthier future.

MYTH 1: Addiction is a character flaw.

People often develop drug and alcohol problems because they have a genetic vulnerability to substance abuse. You may do bad things because of your addiction, but you’re not a bad person. You’re suffering from a disease and need treatment to successfully move forward with your life.

MYTH 2: Recovery only works if you’ve hit rock bottom.

Stories of people who’ve gotten sober after losing their jobs, homes, and families have a certain dramatic appeal, but rehab works no matter where you are in your addiction. In fact, getting sober is often easier if you seek help before there are serious obstacles in your way.

MYTH 3: You can only be addicted to one substance at a time.

Drugs and alcohol release dopamine in the brain, which creates a feeling of euphoria that motivates an abuser to keep using. Men who develop a tolerance for one drug often start experimenting with other substances to get the high they crave. Polysubstance abuse requires a high-quality program designed to treat all forms of addiction at once.

MYTH 4: Getting treatment for addiction gives you a record.

Addiction is not a crime. While you can be criminally charged if you steal to get money to support your habit or injure someone while driving under the influence, the choice to attend rehab is a personal issue. Nobody needs to know about your addiction treatment unless you choose to share your story. Legitimate recovery facilities have safeguards in place to protect your privacy.

MYTH 5: Drug and alcohol recovery is too expensive.

People involved in substance misuse are often reluctant to seek treatment because of financial concerns, but addiction recovery is more affordable than you might expect. 10 Acre Ranch accepts most forms of insurance and self-payment sliding scale fees are also available. Call 1-877-228-4679 to learn more.

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