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Month: October 2017

photo of a sad mother holding daughter in living room telling her what Helps and what hurts

Telling Loved Ones What Helps (And What Hurts) 

Addiction recovery is certainly tough on you – but it’s no walk in the park for loved ones either. In fact, it can be hard (and
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woman taking post-surgery pain medication

Addiction Treatment Funding Cuts

In the wake of an opioid addiction epidemic more Americans than ever see the value of use disorder treatment. It doesn’t matter where you come
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handsome young man smiling

Staying Motivated in Recovery: Questions to Ask Yourself

The recovery process is hard work and you’ll likely need a few strategies along the way to keep you motivated. Here are some questions to
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photo of young people during an addiction treatment

Recovery: Newcomers Learn About Fun

When people contemplate the decision to seek addiction treatment and recovery, there are several false perceptions. Individuals have ideas in their mind about what they
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Photo of a Pretty Depressed Young Woman, Looking Down by a Window, Worried or Sad.

Mental Health: Anxiety and Depression’s Toll

Taking time off from work to address your mental health is of the utmost importance. If people typically don’t go to work with the flu,
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photo of young angry and upset man

3 Common Anger Myths

Everyone gets angry; it’s a normal emotion and one that’s likely to surface as you embark on your new sober life. If your anger becomes
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photo of a health care giver

For the Caregiver: Good Mental Health Habits

If the man in your life is struggling with addiction, you know all too well the toll it can have on your physical and mental
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woman using e-cigarrette

E-Cigarettes Could Save Millions of Lives

Nicotine is a highly addictive drug that keeps tobacco users coming back for more. If you are in recovery, then you know that many of
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