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Month: June 2017

photo of a Junkie woman with cocaine abuse problem snorting cocaine powder with rolled banknote on black background

Spotting the Signs of Cocaine Abuse

Cocaine begins affecting your brain in a matter of seconds – whether it’s snorted, smoked or injected into the bloodstream. And while the high is
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Friends funny dance on the beach under sunset sunlight

Addiction Recovery, Hope and Purpose

It’s nearly July already, and hopefully your summer is going smoothly. Perhaps you are finding yourself with some extra free time that will allow you
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Synthetic Marijuana Synthetic Drugs

U-47700: China Bans Four Synthetic Drugs

When talking about synthetic drugs, one of two things should come to mind: Dangerous chemicals used to make bath salts or synthetic cannabis; or powerful
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photo of a man in gray long sleeve shirt and white pants sitting on green grass field during morning meditating

4 Reasons Why Men Should Meditate During Recovery

With guys like Russell Simmons and Hugh Jackman touting its benefits, meditation is becoming more and more mainstream among the male population. In the recovery
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heroin spoon syringe

Heroin Vaccine Shows Promise for Addiction

Alcohol and substance use disorders have no known cure. There is not a pill you can take that will rid you of addiction. There are
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photo of Beautiful young female sitting on a car and looking outside the window

How to Find the Right Hobby for You

Discovering a hobby can be an important part of your new sober lifestyle. In fact, the right hobby will not only help you occupy your
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photo of a group during therapy session addiction recovery

Addiction Recovery: A Social Model

If you are new to addiction recovery there is a good chance that you have been scratching your head about many things. Which is more
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young man with depression sitting near a river during sunset silhouette

Depression Advocate Michael Phelps

At the end of last month and at the beginning of June, we focused heavily on post-traumatic stress disorder. Which makes sense. Considering the passing
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alcoholic person drinking behind bottles of alcohol

Alcohol Use, Even Moderately – Impacts Brain

Yesterday we wrote for our readers about binge drinking and high-intensity drinking. Binge drinking is associated with men consuming 5 or more drinks and women
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Binge Drinking Among Young Adults

Binge Drinking Among Young Adults Increases

It is probably fair to say that drinking alcohol socially is an American pastime. Or, at the very least, involved in many activities that Americans
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