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Month: July 2015

a man having difficulty to think clearly

Fuzzy Thinking: It’s Just a Phase in Addiction Recovery

You’re determined to succeed at recovery. It hasn’t been easy, but you’re making progress. You have a few weeks under your belt, and you’re thinking,
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overeating, food addiction, woman eating burger

Is It Just Overeating or Is It Food Addiction?

Americans love summertime celebrations, including a plethora of food: sausage and ribs on the grill, ice-cold beverages, crunchy snacks, and calorie-laden desserts. And yes, many
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The Truth About Drinking & the Gym

You wouldn’t think about taking a six-pack of beer to the gym when you train, but you might not give a second thought to partying
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wine glass and alcohol in the bed

Alcohol & the Bedroom: Facts & Myths

Alcohol has a reputation for improving sleep, libido, and sex—but what’s the truth about drinking and the bedroom? The Impact of Alcohol on Sleep Put
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Activity-Based Addiction Treatment for Men

Seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem isn’t an easy step to take. You may think you know what treatment will be like, and
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