Fans who mourned the recent death of Prince may consider reports of his painkiller addiction as evidence that creativity and addictive personalities go hand in hand. However, you might be surprised to learn that musicians, artists, and writers aren’t the most prone to addiction.

According to The Fix, the most addiction-prone industries include:

  1. Food Preparation and Serving
  2. Construction
  3. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports & Media
  4. Sales
  5. Installation, Maintenance & Repair
  6. Farming, Fishing & Forestry
  7. Transportation & Material-Moving
  8. Cleaning & Maintenance
  9. Personal Care & Service
  10. Office & Administrative Support

Why Are People in Certain Careers More Prone to Addiction?

Do addiction-prone individuals tend to cluster in certain careers, or does job-related stress contribute to addiction? The answer may be a bit of both. For example, construction workers, entertainers, athletes, and salespeople often travel on business, taking them away from their families and friends who can provide emotional support during times of stress. However, these professions also tend to attract people who enjoy risk-taking behavior in both their professional and personal lives.

Peer pressure may come into play as well. We often think about peer pressure in terms of influencing teens to try drugs and alcohol, but the desire to fit in doesn’t go away when you’re an adult. If you see many of your coworkers drinking or using illegal drugs, this behavior becomes normalized as part of the company culture. Joining in seems like a smart career move, despite the risks.

Getting the Help You Need

Regardless of how your addiction develops, getting the help you need is the first step towards a brighter future. 10 Acre Ranch offers alcohol addiction and drug addiction treatment for men in a social model program. Our recovery focus includes anger management, relaxation, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help clients manage personal and professional stress without addictive substances. Complete our confidential contact request form to learn more, or call 877.228.4679 to get help now.

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