Can Food Help Treat Addictions?


Nutritional therapy can greatly increase the effectiveness of drug abuse treatment programs. It turns out, eating healthy can really help people who are recovering from addiction feel better, both mentally and physically. Combined with regular exercise and strength training, proper nutrition is an essential component of a successful recovery plan. As these efforts will greatly improve the physical health of the patients, they also help train the mind to act in it’s own self interest by developing healthy habits to replace the old, unhealthy ones.

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Beat Boredom to Maintain Addiction Recovery

a thoughtful man thinking how to beat boredom to maintain addiction recovery

Picture this common scenario: You accompany your girlfriend to her company party. She introduces you around but soon becomes engaged in conversation with her colleagues. You soon find yourself at the bar, snacking on nuts and having a drink. You are feeling out of place, isolated, and literally “bored to distraction,” and that distraction is drinking.

Most of us experience boredom at some time. It is a negative emotion that is closely linked to depression. Psychologists believe that substance abuse may begin as an innocuous response to boredom. Overeating, alcoholism, and drug use seem like easy remedies for boredom and the fear and uncertainty that may underlie it.

A pattern develops and takes over your life:

You feel bored. You take a drink, smoke a joint, or try something new. You start to feel better; at least, you don’t have to think about the things that make you feel disengaged and uncomfortable. Soon, everything in your bored existence revolves around that better feeling. Who you spend time with, where you hang out, what you do are all dependent on your alcohol or drug habit.

Banish Boredom after Rehab

As self-destructive as alcohol and drug abuse are, their elimination may leave you feeling empty, alone, and bored once again. You will need new strategies like these to deal with those feelings of boredom.

  • Take up new activities. Go to the gym, join a sports league, or take up cycling or yoga. Physical activity not only fills your time, but it also benefits your health.
  • Confide in someone. Share your feelings with a support group, friend, or counselor. You will learn how others deal with the same kind of challenge.
  • Practice mindfulness meditation. Become aware of your feelings and anxiety triggers. Use this objective knowledge to plan ahead with activities for those times when you feel most uncertain or bored.
  • Take up a new hobby or change careers. You may discover that you have talents that remained undeveloped as long as your substance abuse controlled your life.
  • Set a goal and then work toward it. Bored individuals are often detached from life. Working toward a goal gives you purpose and an opportunity for fulfillment.
  • Express gratitude. Gratefulness acknowledges that you value your life and, thus, it acts as an antidote to boredom.

Rehab without Boredom at 10 Acre Ranch

Rehab for men at 10 Acre Ranch is designed to stave off loneliness and keep boredom at bay. Our social model fosters a sense of community, and the structured schedule, support groups, and shared recreational activities will keep you involved in life. Call 1-877-228-4679 to check insurance coverage and begin the admissions process today.

Fuzzy Thinking: It’s Just a Phase in Addiction Recovery

a man having difficulty to think clearly

You’re determined to succeed at recovery. It hasn’t been easy, but you’re making progress. You have a few weeks under your belt, and you’re thinking, “This might just work!” You are doing your best to make better decisions and to use the techniques you talk about in therapy, but there’s one problem. It nags at you, filling you with fear and self-recrimination.

Your mind isn’t clear. You get easily confused and your thinking is fuzzy. You’re worried that your addiction has left you mentally impaired and you’ll never escape this “brain fog.”

The good news is that most men in recovery experience periods of fuzzy thinking, and it’s typically only temporary. Remember that addiction causes serious changes in your physical and mental condition. During recovery, your body goes through a type of reset. Your memory loss, muddled thinking, and inability to concentrate are probably the result of one or more of these intertwined causes:

  • The physical effects of withdrawal
  • Sleep disruption leading to fatigue
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Coping with stress & fear without drugs or alcohol
  • Emotions that can be overwhelming.

Guiding You to Clarity

Fortunately, the rehab professionals at 10 Acre Ranch have the knowledge and resources to help you find your way through the fog. Nutritional meals ensure that you have adequate nourishment; exercise, recreation, and meditation practice contribute to a sense of well-being and better sleep. Disease education helps you understand the physical and mental changes you are experiencing. Recovery assignments provide valuable preparation to lessen the stress and emotions of moving beyond rehab. With these resources and a little time, most individuals successfully recover their cognitive skills.

Comprehensive Resources for Successful Recovery

As you progress through the early stages of recovery, you may encounter doubts, fear, and physical challenges. When you place your care in the capable hands of the staff at 10 Acre Ranch, you’ll have access to the resources you need for physical, emotional, and mental restoration. Don’t let the haze of alcohol and drug addiction keep you from living a full and active life. Call 1-800-266-7074 to start the admissions process and begin your journey today.

Activity-Based Addiction Treatment for Men

Seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem isn’t an easy step to take. You may think you know what treatment will be like, and that may be the reason you’ve stayed away until now. And if you’re not comfortable sharing your feelings and participating in a group therapy environment, you’re not alone.

Hiking, working out at the gym, playing softball, or spending time with animals doesn’t sound like addiction therapy to most people, but these are some of the activities you’ll enjoy as part of your addiction treatment program at 10 Acre Ranch. Called “activity-based therapy,” this holistic component is part of many top-ranked drug and alcohol recovery programs.

Why is Activity-Based Therapy Important?

Delving into your feelings to determine why you’ve risked your health, job, and relationships to use drugs is tough, especially for men who don’t see themselves as the “sensitive type.” While talk therapy is integral to helping addicts recover, it’s only one small part of a holistic approach.

Activity-based therapy encourages clients to explore other outlets, particularly those that are physical in nature (sports, weightlifting, etc.), to help patients cope with the changes in their lives that occur during addiction treatment. It’s natural to experience anger, frustration, and aggression during recovery. Participating in recreational activities and completing recovery assignments that are less traditional and more free-form allows men work through negative emotions without becoming self-destructive. These distractions may even curb cravings. Having fun reminds patients that joy still exists in their lives—and that their future holds value far beyond a temporary high.

Studies have shown that complementary therapies like exercise and music performance are valuable components of a multidisciplinary treatment program for drugs and alcohol. Activity-based therapy may also lessen the risk of relapse, in some cases.

Activity Therapy and Men’s Drug Addiction Treatment

Residential, outpatient, and drug detoxification programs approach treatment in several ways, all with the goal of maintaining long-term sobriety. Local outings, softball tournaments, group meal preparation, and nature walks are just some of the activities offered to the men at 10 Acre Ranch, in combination with therapy (individually and in a group setting), 12-step integration, and disease education.

10 Acre Ranch Drug & Alcohol Rehab

To learn more about the therapeutic programs, recreational activities, and fitness opportunities available at 10 Acre Ranch addiction treatment for men, dial 877.228.4679 today. Serving men 18 and older, our wide range of programs encourage clients to embrace an active, healthy lifestyle as they pursue sobriety and wellness.